Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I had full intention to do a big blogging evening but evidently something has caught me because I am feeling awful. However, I do have a story for you about John...

Last night, John was sitting on the couch looking at our Advent guide. He was looking at the beautiful cover, picking out the trees and the snow. He opened the book and said, "And Jesus said NO!". He flipped the page and said, "Jesus said NO!" and kept doing it page by page. When he was finished, he slammed shut the book and said.."All Done!"

Tonight we were getting ready to pray. We were talking about how it is Jesus's birthday soon. John says "Where Jesus go? " I simply stated, "Well Jesus lives in your heart." John sat there and thought and said, "No, Jesus live in my foot."
It was a sweet, funny moment.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My first big sewing project.
Thanksgiving Napkins for my sweet mother in law.
Thank you Jessica for answering all my texts.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It has been a long time since I have been to Blogland. This semester has been a tough one and the last couple of weeks have been filled with writing a research proposal. 30 pages later...it is being proofread, my house is a mess, and I didn't get to take as many pictures this month as I would have liked. However, I believe this was one of the hardest assignment that I have ever had and it feels good to have gotten it finished.
Life is good at the Turnbough household. We had Thanksgiving this weekend at my parents and I hate to admit that I took pictures of the kids before everyone got there and then didn't take anymore. I got caught up with talking and visiting, that I didn't pick the camera up again for the rest of the day.
See below to see new things the kiddos are doing...

John and Sophia have started playing with one another and it is the best sight! They laugh at one another and John tries to teach Sophia new things.

This little man is on the go and loves to have it his way. His new phrase is "do it myself". He is Mr. Independent.

Miss Sophia is still drooling and cooing like crazy. She babbles all the time now and wants to stand up. She is still not interested in crawling...so we will see what happens next.

Little Miss said "MAMA" today!! Matt says she was just babbling (even though he wasn't in the room)...but I heard Mama and I am going to take it as her saying my name.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yogurtini Logo
We had heard about this place but hadn't tried it. We decided to go for a drive last night and the van took us here...it is YUMMY! Very hip and cool and low fat! (Except when you add all the different toppings they have.)

Sophia is excited!

John was super pumped! He really wanted to go see the fish at Bass Pro but thought this was just as good. He did want to go see the fish after we ate yogurt. We had to tell him that the fish were asleep. He said "Take a nap, like the sun?"

Him and I shared and he ate the majority of it. As you can tell this is serious business by the look on his face.

16 different flavors and you can swirl the two flavors that are next to each other if you want.

Aren't these stools cute?
John stacked them on top of each other.

John got a hold of the camera. He is getting better!

Girl time! Poor girl wanted the yogurt so badly. The baby Mum Mums just didn't cut it for her.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sophia is 8 months today.
I cannot believe that 8 months have already gone by.
At this age you are:
Starting to scoot...you are not a tummy time kind of girl.
Wanting real food very badly
Hate to be left in a room by yourself.
Doesn't want to be rocked to sleep. We can just lay you down and you are out.
Starting to wave bye bye
Saying Da Da
Roll all over the place
Love pulling on my necklaces
Love bouncing in the horse jumper
Still letting me put bows on you!

8 Things I Love About Sophia:
1. The way you wave your little hand when you are saying Bye Bye.
2. Your sweet small voice that says Da Da.
3. You hate tummy time, but I love how you will immediately roll to your back to avoid it.
4. You love to bounce on someone's knee. You jerk your body to make us bounce you.
5. Your sweet smile when your family walks into a room.
6. Your laugh is absolutely adorable. It is such a sweet sound.
7. I love that you are a cuddle bug.
8. I love that I have a daughter. I can't wait to have many more mother/daughter moments.
I love you Sophia - Bia

Tonight was a family night. We were all home the whole evening and it was wonderful.
John covered me up with his favorite blanket when he saw me laying on the couch and then cuddled with me for a few minutes. I loved it.
John: "Here mommy, cover you up with my blankie." "Love you mommy."....oh I love those words.
Phia Bia is so into food right now. She never seems to be full. She wants "big person" food so bad. Poor John can hardly eat his fruit snacks without Sophia grabbing at them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last night we had no heat because something was wrong with the heater.
So we had a sleepover in Mom and Dad's room.
A queen size bed isn't quite big enough for the four of us.
But it was nice to snuggle for one night.
We cuddled under homemade quilts.
Luckily...it wasn't a big problem and the heater is back to work.
Thank you Sweet Jesus for heat.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Aren't these shoes adorable! You can learn how to make these here. I got the idea from a blog I love to follow called thelongthread.