Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I wonder what babies dream about?
Being born?
Their big brother wanting to do a pillow fight?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sophia sleeping soundly in her bed this morning during a nap...
Notice she is alone...
John is now in bed with her...this is the look he gave me when I asked "Are you suppose to be in there?"
Kisses for "the girl" (that is what he calls Sophia)...
"Hi Fee" (another name he calls her)...
More kisses...
Pretend sleeping (at least for John)...
The End.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We went to Houston on Wednesday for a little get away. We left after my master's class, so we got on the road about 8:30 p.m. We thought it would be a nice drive asleep, not a lot of traffic...we were wrong. It rained the WHOLE 4.5 hours, the kids really didn't sleep well and we hit a deer! But we did get there safely and Sophia got to meet a lot of people that love her. So it was worth.

This was not the reason why I haven't blogged though. On Thursday night, I came down with Mastitis. Let me tell you, if you have never had this infection, you are a lucky, lucky person. It is TERRIBLE. I was on the couch the whole day Friday. It was miserable. I am just getting some strength back today. I wish it upon no one.

Here are few pictures of the kiddos to keep you up to date.

John spent the day with Pops at the baseball field on Friday. He came home with a stance for batting and pitching. He was on the coffee table tonight showing off his stance for pitching, but we couldn't ever get it on camera because we were laughing so hard. We are talking a kick and everything!

Mister Mister had been on a hunger strike for about 2 days, he finally broke tonight.

I love baby feet!

Our sweet Sophia...still doing great. She is really starting to lift her head up like crazy and turns her head to Matt and I's voice. LOVE IT!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I hate talking about my weaknesses, but I have had this on my mind the last week and have put it I am going to do it. I figure since I have quite a few people read my blog, that I should put something that I struggle with so that if someone is going through it, they know they aren't alone. Weaknesses are hard to talk about and I think as women, we often don't let people know we have them. We seem to have this idea that we have to be super human, when in fact, we don't.
First...I am not writing this to have people feel sorry for me.
I love to think that I have it all together...when sometimes, actually more than often, I don't. I like to think I can juggle all kinds of balls on my own. I have trouble asking for help...unless I just am at a breaking point. I hit a breaking point a couple of Fridays ago. Up until this point, a lot of people had asked me if I had been hit with baby blues and I could honestly say that I hadn't...and then it happened.
My mom had left that day and Matt had to work late. It was the first night that I had both kids by myself and I had to get them both to bed. We left Liberty...too late...about Independence, hunger hit Sophia. The screaming started and soon I had two kiddos screaming, White knuckles were before me on the steering wheel and I seemed to hit every red light on 291.
We get home and I try to get both kids up the stairs at the same time...wrong move! We did make it. Cars is put in the DVD player and I am now feeding Sophia. John gets tired of me doing this and he is now trying to lay on top of Sophia. I am frazzled, but still have it somewhat together.
John's next move, ripping off my glasses. I am trying to stay calm and tell him NO. Then his hand went up and BOOM...a hit on Sophia. I LOST it. I screamed at him and the tears started. These tears were more like sobs and they were mostly because of my actions. I felt terrible and now I have scared John and he is crying. He is trying to give me kisses and hug me. (I am breast feeding this whole time)
The end of the story is that everyone got to bed that night and I cried myself to sleep. I started to doubt myself as a mother and a wife. I kept thinking, I haven't went back to teaching or started my masters classes yet. I am only on maternity leave. I had a terrible headache the next day from all the crying.
Good news....things are getting easier and I love having 2 kids. I love that they are close in age and that they will grow up together. I don't like the hard times, but those come with the good times. I wouldn't trade any of it. I seem to learn something every day. I had a hard time telling Matt the next day, because I wanted him to perceive me as a mom that could do it with no problem. Yet, when I told him, he hugged me and told me that he was sorry he wasn't here and that I was a wonderful mom. He also told me that he didn't expect me to have it all together.

One thing that I realized in this whole that I can't do it all by myself and the thing that finally calmed me down (besides being exhausted) was when I finally prayed and didn't just rely on my strength. Relying on God's strength is something I will be more intentional with each and everyday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sophia's First Bath!!

Today, while doing loads and loads of laundry, I was watching the Kathi Lee and Hoda. They showed these PajamaJeans. They look awesome and supposedly they feel like pajama pants but look like jeans. It is the best of both worlds! They are 39.95. Check them out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sophia wore her first pair of shoes today! I would say that is a big day in a girl's life. If she is anything like her Nana LeAnn...she will have a closet full of them (or maybe 2 closets).
I got these bows from a friend. You put them on with glue. I wasn't too sure about it, but it really does work. I was worried about taking it off, but we just put water on her hair...and poof... it slid right off. Here she is showing off her little bow and a sweet smile.

John started Dino Mites (soccer) last night. He seemed to have fun...he kind of did his own thing but for the most part he had fun. When we got there, he was running around the soccer field and that is when he saw it...a BATTING CAGE! He could not stop watching the batter and he wanted to be by it. We might have a batter on our hands. He also didn't want to kick the ball...he wanted to throw it. We'll keep working on it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sophia-phia went to her 2 week appointment today. She weighs 8lbs 3oz (50th percentile), 21.5 inches long (90th percentile) and her head is 36.5 cm (75th percentile). The doctor says she looks just perfect!
We tried a bottle today because I have class on Wed. and Matt will have to feed her while I am gone. She drank it like a champ. We will see if she has "nipple confusion" when I feed her next. It's funny how I was so nervous when John took his first bottle. I had to be doing other things because I was afraid I would cry. With Sophia, I was able to take pictures and was so glad that she was able to do it so quickly. Matt was excited too, because he can help out a little more if needed. It's funny how things change with the 2nd one.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miss Sophia lost her umbilical cord stub today! This means she gets to have a real get ready for bath pictures in the next few days! Good news about Sophia...the last two nights she has slept from 11:30 to 5:45. Let's hope she keeps it up.
Here's my lil' Mac Daddy...
Nana Barb bought a few things at the mom to mom sale this weekend. One of these items was a fur coat for Sophia when she is 18-24 months. However, John got a hold of it and LOVED it. We gradually put the outfit together. I promise...these pictures will come out later on in his life! (Maybe his first date?)

We got John some of these dry erase crayons a few weeks ago. They are awesome. Instead of him using dry erase markers, which get EVERYWHERE, he uses these and they come off really easily. I would recommend them to anyone that is interested.
Crayola® 8 ct. Washable Dry-Erase Crayons

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I know...I haven't blogged for 2 days. Sorry! Matt has been working LONG days at church, Mom went home, so it has been the 2 kiddos and me! Sophia hasn't quite gotten her days and nights figured out, so I have been sleeping when she sleeps so I can keep up with her and John. I am putting up some photos from the last few days with a few captions. I hope you enjoy!

Sophia looking pretty in blue...
John reading to the family
Sweet Sophia

A beautiful day to go on a walk...
with 2 strollers!!! Nana LeAnn had one and I had the other one.
Making green jigglers for St. Pat's day. I totally messed them up, but they tasted good...
John went to Disney on Ice and he LOVED it!

All tuckered out...
Have a good night!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We brought up the swing for Sophia...
John has claimed it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daddy: Does she always have to be dressed in pink? Is that a rule?
Notice...she isn't in pink for the night.
Don't worry...she is back in pink!
Our sweet Sophia is 1 week old today!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My camera ran out of batteries today, so I don't have any new pictures to post from today. Just thought I would give an update and a cute story.

Everyone is doing well. Sophia pretty much sleeps and poops. :) I have to wake her up during the day to eat...she is a CUDDLER! I was thinking today how overwhelming it was to bring John home. I thought it was so tiring (which it was); however, I had no idea that the real tiring part is when they start moving. Today Sophia and I chilled on the couch and watched Lost...I don't get to do that when John's home. It is funny how your perspectives change with the 2nd one.
Mr. John had a great day at Jewell's house. He played, ate and slept well. He was a little cranky when he first got home, but other than that he had a great day!
Sophia got to meet new friends today...the Sharky girls! It was fun to see Makenna and Sophia look at each other...they are destined to be best friends!

Funny Story:
When I feed Sophia, John calls it "bites". He helps me get everything together, such as a burp rag, her pacifier, her blanket and the Boppy. He thinks "bites" should be happening all the time, so he is constantly asking "bites?". Yesterday, Sophia wasn't latching on very well for one of her feedings, so John, who was sitting next to me in bed, decided to show her. He leaned down and landed, what felt like a wet kiss, on the side of my breast. He even had a sound effect that sounded like cookie monster eating cookies. I laughed SO hard. He was quite proud of himself to show his little sister how to do something.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today was a rough day for me. I woke up this morning and I realized my daddy was already gone to work (church). So it was just my mom, Sophia and me. I wanted my mommy to pick me up and carry me, but she says she can't right now. (Something about her not being able to hold over 10 lbs) I cried. My mommy got me a snack and juice and put on Elmo in the bedroom while she fed Sophia. I hugged and kissed Sophia this morning. But then I got tired of waiting for her to be finished having "bites", so I hit her. I instantly knew that I wasn't suppose to do that, so I put myself in time out. I will try not to do that anymore. My mommy hugged me after time out and told me that she knew it was hard sometimes but she loved me a whole bunch. She gave me lots of kisses and hugs. We read a book in bed.
The rest of the day was okay...but I was kind of cranky. I didn't really want to share with anyone and I just wanted my mommy to carry me. Daddy did take me outside and played football with me. That was a lot of fun. Mommy wanted to take my picture, so I showed her how I had felt all day long. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I get to go to Jewell's house and I am very excited. I went to bed tonight saying, "Jewell, Jewell".
Here is a picture of my sweet sister with her new hat and flower from Nana Barb. She sure is a cutie!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I know that I have said this before...but our family is so blessed. The words of encouragement, the phone calls to check up on us, the food, and the visits have just been amazing. My mom had to go to a conference this weekend, and we have totally been taken care of with meals and visitors to help out. Last night we had a delicious meal from the Shultz family and then today we had our wonderful friends, the Beards, over. They brought us dinner, movies and their company. They cleaned my kitchen, cooed over Sophia, and played with John. Matt and I were able to have a relaxing afternoon and evening. The Beards hold such a special place in our heart (if it wasn't for Andrew, Matt and I might not have ever met). I know I don't tell them that enough. Even though our lives are different and we don't get to see each other as much as we use to...we love seeing them and hanging out with them.
Once again...we are so blessed. Words can't express...

I have told some people about these cute dresses that I saw at a 2nd hand store. (recommended by Whitney) These are pillow case dresses and they are adorable! I think they would be so easy to make. So I am now on the lookout for adorable pillow cases. I think that they are fun with the bright patterns, but I also think they are precious with the white, embroidered pillow cases. If I were doing my wedding again, I would have these cute dresses worn by my flower girls.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nana LeAnn took John to get Sophia a present. He actually picked out all of these items.
My hope was to get a picture of him giving it to Sophia, however, he took all the items out of the gift bag and would take each one over to her...very quickly. So we got a picture of all the gifts.
Such a good big brother...

Update on Sophia:
She went to the doctor today. Her billirubins look good and she weighs 7lbs 8oz. She has gained
5 oz since she got home! She is an eater!

My mom leaves tomorrow for a few days. She is speaking at a conference and she will be back on Tuesday morning. I am a little nervous because it will be Matt and I. However, we have such wonderful friends and family, that we have our meals covered through the weekend. So I don't have to worry about that. I think my biggest worry is what I will do when I am breastfeeding Sophia and John needs me. I realize he has to learn to wait...but come on...he is 19 months old. Sophia is still in the slow stages of eating...we are talking like 35 to 45 min. That is a long time for me not to be able to get up and help John. I know I can do it between sides and if I need to stop I can...but it is still a worry. I hadn't even thought of this before I had Sophia...but now I think about it every time I am feeding her. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love these chubby cheeks! We are learning Sophia is a cuddler and loves to sleep! She also hates to be she loves to be bundled up. (She reminds me of her Aunt Sarah :))
She got tested for her billirubin count again today. It is up to a 12, but the doctor is not concerned because it was a big jump from when she left the hospital. They said to just keep feeding her and changing diapers to get it out of her. We go for her first doctor's visit tomorrow. She really is a great baby!
Now for my sweet boy John...
He has become quite Nana LeAnn's boy. He actually is a doing very well for all the changes going on in our house. He did act out a little today when Matt, Sophia and I were leaving to get Sophia's blood drawn. But it wasn't bad and he was back to his normal self in minutes. Here he is helping Nana in the kitchen.
He wanted to see how big the apple "ribbon" here it is on the floor.
Our family of 4! I love it and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful, growing family. Tonight the 4 of us went for a car ride. It was the first time just the 4 of us were together and doing something. We got hot chocolate and sang songs as we drove around. It was a great time and I look forward to the many more car rides.