Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Small Group

A couple of weeks ago, I started leading a small group. It is a group of ladies that are just out of college and they are so much fun! There is 5 of us and we have such a great time. I am so excited for each Sunday night! They challenge me each week and are the perfect accountability that I need to get through the week. We have been doing "How to Study the Bible in 28 Days". I would recommend it because it is a great way to show you how to really get into the books of the you get to use colored pencils

A Relaxing Valentines Day

This is where Matt and I went for Valentines Day (actually a few days later). It is an amazing place. I would recommend it to anyone. It is so relaxing from the time you walk in the door. We sat in our soft robes and had hot tea while we waited for our massages. Then you go into your massage room and it is 30 min. of pure bliss! Afterwards, you go into the steam/rainforest shower. It was a wonderful Valentines Day. I love my hubbie so much and I am so glad that he found this place. You should check it out!
One of the other things we did for Valentines Day was started the Love Dare book. If you have seen Fireproof, you know what I am talking about. If you haven't seen the should see it. The acting isn't that great, but it has a great story line. It is a fun book and we look forward to reading it each night to see what our dare will be for the next day.

So Much To Tell!!!

Oh my...I am so behind on blogging! I know this doesn't surprise anyone but I have so much to tell that I will do it in parts. So let's start with my favorite subject...JOHN! He is getting so big. He will be 7 months this weekend and I can't believe it. He talks all the time. I guess he takes after me! He says "da", "ma", "ba", and he does this whisper that is adorable. He has started scooting on his belly. Tonight he scooting and he got to our DVD's. Before I knew it, he was pulling the DVD's out. I was laughing so hard! And wouldn't you know...our digital camera is out of batteries and I haven't been to the store to get more! It would have been a great one! He was so proud of himself. :) Tonight I took him to school with me because I had a family program to attend. He was such a flirt. He let everyone hold him, he let the kids touch and talk to him, and he just hammed it up the whole time. I love that little guy...even though he won't say "mama". Oh...I almost forgot...the little man is getting 3 teeth on top! So this will be 5 all together. He's growing up!
Daddy reading to John before bedtime.
"I want to crawl and go so bad!!! Why won't my legs and arms work at the same time??!!!"
"I am working s hard but my toushe won't get up!"

" I love rolling over! I am such a happy boy!"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Getting Big

John is getting so big! This morning he saw that Matt was in the bathroom at the sink. John started eating and then when he looked up, he looked into the bathroom and said "da-da". It was amazing! Poor Matt had already left so he didn't get to hear it. It was like he was searching for Matt to say "Good Morning!'
Tonight we tried to do a Mommy and Baby Exercise dvd...didn't go so well. 1st of all...I am way out of shape and 2nd of all, John wanted to be on the floor instead of in my arms. Oh well...maybe another night.
So Wednesday is Matt and I's date night this week! We are going to get a couples massage for Valentines Day. I am so excited!
Have a great President's Day!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What has been going on...

My plan was to post some pictures of the fam, however, Matt has the laptop at work and I am having to use our OLD computer. I can't even figure out how to get the pictures from our camera to the computer. I haven't used it in so long and I am so use to just slipping the card into the laptop, that seriously don't know how to do it. There is no place in the front to plug it in and I don't see a place on the back. I am sure there is, but that would take time and I would rather be blogging than looking for the stupid spot to plug the cord into. Okay...enough about that.

So things are going well around the Turnbough house. Mr. T. and I went on a date on Monday night while Sarah and Andrew babysat. It was wonderful. We went to see Gran Tarino. It was really good. I will warn you that there is some really bad language and quite the racist talk, but we laughed a lot more than we thought we would. Clint Eastwood did a great job. I was teasing Matt that he was going to be the grouchy old man that sat on his porch and would say, "Get off my lawn" and then he would point his finger gun at them. We both got a chuckle out of that. Next Wednesday we are celebrating our Valentines Day by going and getting a couples massage at our favorite place, Shine Spa. I would recommend it...AMAZING! We are looking forward to it. We have been really trying to have a weekly date each week. Sometimes we go somewhere or sometimes we stay home, curl up on the couch and watch a movie. We just have a phone calls, especially if they deal with work, no school work (grading papers) and no house work. It is great and I really think that it has helped us out a lot since the little man came along. We didn't do it right after he was born...and I wish we would have started it right away. So there is my recommendations for anyone that is getting ready or is planning on having children. It is easier said than done...but it is worth making it a habit from the start.

Little man John is doing fabulous. When I picked him up from the sitters today, she said, "he is just the best baby." I very much agree. He is really starting to roll everywhere. We can barely keep him on the changing table to change his diaper. He turns over to his stomach. Tonight I dressed him while he was on his belly because he refused to stay on his back. He is quite the talker and I have even caught him talking in his sleep! Last night around 4:30...Matt went into his room because he heard him babbling. He was at the top of the bed, laying the short width of the bed, with his feet hanging out the back and his arms straight out between the rails. He was laughing and just talking away! He is about to master the art of Cheerios. He can pick them up, starts to put them in his mouth...but then they usually get stuck to his palm or drop between him and the high chair. He is starting to make the sounds "da" "ma" buh" and other sounds I can't quite spell. Matt and I love it when he says "da" or "ma" because we are convinced he is talking about us. He doesn't have any idea...but we like to think he does.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm a little sad

So tomorrow Matt leaves for Colorado. I have to admit that I am a little jealous and I am trying not to be. Part of it is that he gets to see our friends that we made while we were Winter Park. I had hoped to be able to take John to see everyone this winter, but because of the lack of sick days, I can't go. I know that they would love to see him because they were there when we found out and they were with us for the majority of the time that we were pregnant. I know they would love to meet him.

I must say that John's new sitter Jewell, is awesome. Ever since John has been going there, he has babbled more and more. It is hilarious. Sometime he moves his mouth and nothing comes out, but it looks like he is talking. Then all of a sudden...he will start making these crazy sounds like he is trying to put words together. I love it. I could just listen to it all day long. I have been whispering "Mama loves John" in his ear. I am bound and determined that "Mama" is going to be his first word. Today I walked in and he was just sitting on the floor, holding his bottle...all by himself!! He is getting so big. This past week, he has become more and more mobile. He has started rolling all over the place and he does a little scooting. He does this thing, like he is going to do a sit up. His face is so funny when he does this because he looks like he is trying so hard.

Another thing I am thinking about tonight is my friend Sarah Beard. I miss her a lot. We always try to get together...but our schedules are so busy. I wish we could find more time to spend together. One thing I do love about us is that when we do find time for each is fabulous. I truly feel like she is the sister I never had. I know that I can tell her anything and she will hold me accountable. I truly love her and I hope she knows how much she means to me.