Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I Would Love to Do....

Below is a list of a few things I would really like to do in the next few years...
Finish my Masters
Go to an Oprah Show
Spend a weekend in Chicago
Go on a cruise
Paint our bedroom
Have another baby
Put hardwood floors in our house
Have a girls weekend
Get another couples massage
Start running and participate in a race
Have laser surgery on my eyes
Landscape around our house
Dig into different books of the Bible and do a deep study on them.

Sick Day

I took a sick day today since John isn't feeling his finest. I must tell has been fabulous! Even though he is sick...I have loved being home with him. He has been so cuddly today...oh darn! He used a sippy cup for the first time today. We put Pedilyte in it so he doesn't become dehydrated. He loved the grape flavor and he caught on how to use the sippy cup quite quickly. Such a smart little boy! His fever has been down all day but his coughing is really yucky. Oh....and his nose runs like a faucet.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A thought about Starbucks I love Starbucks. It is a sick addiction that I have. I am lucky because a lot of people have this sick addiction. I went there tonight and as I was handing them my gold card, I got to thinking that they really should let you add up points or give you a punch card. It's just a thought....but it kind of makes me sick when I think about how much money I spend there...they could at least give me a free one for my business. Oh well...I will keep going there anyways. It's a sick addiction!

A new friend...

So I am a new small group leader for a group of girls at Lakeland (our church). The girls are pretty much right out of college...a year or so. I am super pumped about this new group because all of the girls are wanting to dig deep into scripture and challenge one another. I met with Megan (one of the girls going to be in my group) tonight and I have to say she is fabulous! We chatted it up and she is so much fun. I am excited to get to know her and hang out more.

Now for some not so good news...John is sick :( He turned 6 months today and went in for his check up. We found out he has RSV...a respitorary virus. He had started coughing on Sunday evening and has just gotten worse and worse. When we went to the doctor today he had a temp. Poor guy! He is a tough one though because he still plays hard all day! He fell asleep at 6:30 tonight and has slept the whole time. So...we'll keep you updated on how he is feeling.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few more pics...

Here are a few more pics...Man..I love this kid!

"I'm so BIG!"

"I'm BEARY happy and warm!"

Ready for church...lookin' handsome!

"This is what I look like after Daddy feeds me."

"I love to eat...see I can do it myself!"

What has been going on...

As I sit here and think what to write...I don't know where to start. Matt is working hard at the church and is trying to decide if he going to China again this June. He's trying to find time to get some "ski time" in Colorado...he's gotta an itchin' to go. I have to say that Matt is a fantastic daddy. I don't think I have told enough people this fact. He is so good with John and helps out so much with him.
I am back to school with 2nd semester well on it's way...the 5th graders are ready to be 6th graders! They are like little adult wanna be's. They are so funny and say the darndest things! I stay busy with reading James Patterson books, grading papers, being a mom and a wife. I am getting ready to start a small group with college age girls this Feb. and I am so excited about it.
John is getting so big! He will be 6 months tomorrow. I can't believe it. We head to the dr. for his 6 mon. check up. He started a new babysitter this week. Her name is Mrs. Jewell and she is a jewell. She is amazing. She has done it for 22 years and has 5 kids that stay there. I was expecting her house to look like our house...Babyland USA. is so clean, picked up and calm. She is amazing and makes the kids so happy. John seems to love going there and seeing the kiddos.

Here are some things John is doing now....
eating veggies and rice cereal
sitting up by himself
rolling over from tummy to back (sometimes back to tummy)
drooling...we have tooth number 2!
babbling all the time
playing peek a boo (kind of)
pushes up with his arms on his tummy, then his little toushe, but never at the same time
I am sure there is more...but his is what pops in my head.
Here are some pictures of the lad...
John and his Bumbo!
John and his Aunt Emily

John and his cousins in Houston on Christmas morning

John loves the remote control!

John and his Christmas morning outfit.