Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Nephew

I started feeling bad because I had put a picture of another baby before my nephew! So I thought I would show everyone my cutie pie nephew whom Matt and I love to pieces. His name is Luke and he just turned 2 last month. So cute!

New Life

So you might be asking "Who is this precious baby that Jodi has put a picture of on her blog?" Well...it is not mine :) It is Madeline Marie Sharky. Yesterday I got a phone call that my dear friend, Jessica Sharky, whom I taught with this past year, had her baby. I got to hold her while I was there and she slept the whole time. Actually Jessica said that the only time she had been awake was when they gave her a bath, which she cried the whole time :). She has long fingers, with the cutest little mouth and she has dark hair. Jessica is doing well and looks great. It makes me be excited for when the time comes that Matt and I will start a family...who knows when....sorry mom! But I am excited for whenever it will happen. Anyway...our news is still the same. We are in a waiting time...which is fine...hard but fine. We know that it is all about God's time and not our own. We promise to let everyone know as soon as we know something.