Friday, July 12, 2013

Being Sick

Most of the time I blog about my kids but not tonight. 
So I woke up last night throwing up (sorry for sharing that) and when I got up this morning, I felt like I had ran into a brick wall. My body ached and my head was booming. We were suppose to go to Lamar to see Aunt Linda, who is visiting from PA. I could easily tell that I was not going to make it to Lamar. So my sweet husband, loaded the kids up and let me rest all day long. I must say, that before going to Lamar, he went to the store and picked me up chicken noodle soup, bread, crackers and Sprite, because we had NO food in our cabinets. 
So while my husband has been wrangling children all day...I have been laying on the couch reading books and watching Law and Order (don't judge). I did make it outside today, in the evening time, to sit on my deck and read my Bible. I have been studying the book of Jeremiah and let me tell isn't the most interesting book of the bible but I had really felt let to read it. Tonight I was reading a commentary about the first 2 chapters. It explains that Jeremiah didn't want his job as a prophet. He told the Lord that he didn't think he could do it. However, God put words in his mouth and he did it for 40 years. In the commentary, it talks about how Jeremiah was suppose to be a Priest, like his father and grandfather, but God called him to be a prophet instead. 
So my conclusion is that sometimes we have a plan of what we think we should be doing and God changes it. God made us and gave us skills but we have to make sure that our skills are being used for God. My mind and heart have been full lately of questions and no answers. I have been full of doubt of the things that have been laid on my heart but tonight, as I sat on my deck, I started to bring those doubts to God. All of a sudden in the midst of my doubts, the verse Psalm 66:10 - "Be still and know that I am God" came to my mind. And so for that instant, my heart was calm and I realized that sometimes God's plans don't make sense and he does things out of the ordinary - and that is simply okay because that is what faith is all about. 
For those of you that read my blog (when I actually blog) or you just happened to run across the blog, feel free to pray for me and my family as we see what God unfolds before us. 

Have a great night.