Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1st Bottle and 1st Bath time

Daddy Matt getting the bath tub ready!
John enjoying his bath time.
John looking at me thinking "What is going on?"
John looking at me saying, "Thank you for making me warm."
John and Matt resting after a big day.

Yesterday was a big day for John Andrew! He had his first bottle and his first bath. Matt gave John his first bottle yesterday evening and he took it like a pro! I mopped the floor while Matt did it. It was strange not feeding him, but kind of nice to have a break. :) He went right back to nursing last night without a problem.
After was bath time! We got all of John's clothes off and as I was holding him, Matt was preparing the bath, and John decided to poop all down my leg onto the newly mopped floor! Matt took him, so I could get cleaned up and John pee'd all over Matt. We were expecting him to throw a fit when we put him the bath tub, but he didn't cry at all! He actually just layed there and looked around. He did shiver a lot, but we warmed him up quickly with his lion towel. was a good first experience...except for all the excretions...but they help make the story even better. ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This the last bunch for the day...

(August 12)
(Aug. 13)

(Aug.13) - Bedtime

And there are more...

John and Coach Pop taking a nap. (August 10th)
Andy and Bridget came to visit Tiny Turnbough, as Bridget likes to call him. They look cute witha baby! ;) (August 10)
John is actually sitting up in this picture...but I forgot to turn it before uploading it. This was his first day at church. He slept through most of it. He actualy pee'd on me 3 times that day! (Aug.11)
John is showing off his little dimple. (Aug. 12)
John is hanging out in his diaper because we had changed into 4 outfits that day! (Aug.12)
John is really starting to lift his head a lot and for longer periods of time. He loves looking at the ceiling fan and the beams in our living room. He loves his swing and bouncer chair also!

More Baby John Pics!!

Aug. 5th - Here is John showing off his shoes from Guatemala!! Thank you Andrew and Sarah!
This was a mommy's day out. There are a bunch of teachers from SPE that had babies this year and a few of us got together at Aubrey's house. These are a few of the new additions. John slept the whole time. He's the youngest of them all!
I love this picture of him sleeping...he actually looks a lot longer than he is in this picture.
John got to meet his Uncle Scott and Aunt Emily last week. They came in from North Carolina and it was so good to see them! They love John...even though he peed all over Emily the first time she held him.
This is John and I having a chat one morning after bath and getting dressed time. He is precious!
John is doing wonderful. He went to the doctor this past Monday and he now weighs 7 lbs. 15 oz and is 21 inches long. He is a growing boy. He is also sleeping 11:00-4:30 (at least the last couple of nights he has). He is just a joy and really doesn't fuss unless he is hungry. He is quite the eater. This week has been different because Matt, John and I have been on our own. Our vistors have I am learning to do things while he is take naps, do laundry (which there always seems to be tons), get a bite to eat, etc.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Baby Pictures

First Night Home...snoozing on dad's chest

John didn't really like getting his diaper changed at first...wet wipes were to cold!
(August 1st)

John in his baby blues. (August 1st)

John chilling at night...getting ready for bed. (August 2nd)

John snoozing in the pack and play during the day. (August 3rd)

There are more pictures to is time to John is calling. Here are a few pictures from the first days at home.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loving Parenthood

Well today John is 5 days old and is just getting cuter and cuter each day. He had his first photo shoot today with Sarah Beard. They turned out so he is a natural for the camera. He was pooped after it, so he has been napping. More updated pictures should be up soon. He is doing well with the changes from the womb to the real world. Last night he let me sleep from 11:30 - 3:00 a.m. and then from 3:30 to 6:15. Isn't he just swell!
It is amazing that God has given Matt and I this gift. We are so overwhelmed with gratitude. We are also so overwhelmed at how everyone has welcomed John into the world. We have had so many visitors, gifts and words of love. We tell John each day that he has so many people that love him. Sometimes I just look at him and can't keep the tears back because he is so precious. I have always wanted and looked forward to being a mother, but I never imagined the love that I could feel for one tiny person.