Thursday, December 6, 2007

Over a foot of snow!!

So today is a beautiful day because we have gotten over a foot of snow! To make it even better, we have a forecast that is calling for 12-20 more inches tonight! The resort and mountains look beautiful. I only had to work a 4 hour day today so I am sitting in Starbucks, enjoying the view and the smell of coffee. It is amazing how God can paint a beautiful picture with the snow. One thing I haven't talked much about is the simplicity of a mountain town. Things are so slow paced and simple. People dress for warmth, not necessarily looks and it seems that everyone is smiling. I am convinced that it is because people get to see God's artwork, the mountains, each and every day. It is almost seems that when you are up on the mountain you are just that much closer to God. What a beautiful place!