Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New Friend

We have a older neighbor named Claire and she is always working out in the yard. We say hello and good bye. We have short conversations such as "How was your day?" 
Tonight John saw Claire working in her yard and he went over to the fence. The conversation went something like this...
John: Hi Claire
Claire: Hi John. How are you? 
John: Good. We should go somewhere and do something sometime since we are friends now. 
Claire: She smiled and said "Well I guess we are friends."

As John walked away, he looked at me and said "I guess I have a new friend now."

It was a sweet interaction and it made my heart warm. John loves being around people and he loves having friends. He has such an innocent way of interacting with people. If you talk to him, he considers you a friend. 
I hope his love of people stays with him.