Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love Electronics

My child has a toybox that is filled with toys. He has toys that can be found in almost every room of our house. However, he prefers electronics or wheels. Can I say...he is all boy! A few months back, our TV went out. We set the broken TV on the floor...and John was crazy about it. He would lay on his belly pushing the buttons and folding up the cord. My parents let us borrow one of their TVs until we got a new one. Well...yesterday we bought a new TV. Now because we had always been old school, we had to run our cable through the VCR (don't ask me details...I don't really know why). So when we got our new TV, we didn't need the VCR anymore.
Now, I must interject at this point, because I love VHS. I am very sad that we are getting rid of it and our tapes. Yet, the tapes are taking up space and we really don't watch them.
Okay...back to my story. So we set the VCR down by the TV that was broken (I know...we haven't gotten rid of the other TV yet....we've been busy!) John was in heaven! All he played with today was the VCR and his cars. I think it is hilarious that my 10 month old is crazy about electronics! what goes in here?

What...are you going to tell me NO, not a toy???

This is the coolest toy I have ever had! There are so many things to figure out on this crazy thing.

Little China Doll

Matt brought back John a little Chinese outfit. It is adorable on him! Matt did a good job of buying the right size. We had a wonderful Father's Day. John gave his daddy LOTS of hugs and kisses throughout the day.

Poor Matt is trying to get back on his regular schedule. He woke up at 4:30 this morning. At 6:00 a.m., he came in and got me out of bed. He had made French Toast for breakfast! It was so sweet, even though I don't remember much because I was still half asleep as I ate it. He did stay up until almost 9:00 tonight, so maybe he will sleep a little bit later. I wouldn't mind breakfast again. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi !!!

"HI !!!!"
This is what my little guy says now ALL the time. He says it with such enthusiasm! It is his real first word that he says over and over again (except for names). I love how he waves uncontrollably and his voice goes up at the end of the word (i don't know if that makes sense). The other part that I love is that he says it to everyone. He is my social butterfly.

Seeing Daddy!

He was so excited to see his Daddy! He crawled right to him in the airport with a grin on his face. He is loving having both parents at home. He just goes back and forth between Ma Ma and Da Da. He wants everyone in the same room at all times! Daddy is very tired but he did well today. Daddy didn't go to sleep until 8:30 p.m., so he is on his way to getting back onto the Central Time Zone. We all went to two weddings today...which might be too many in one day!

We are so glad to have the whole family home! Matt was suppose to be home at 7:30 on Friday night; however, he had some flight problems. It started in Shanghi, when the plane that they were suppose to get on, had 2 people with fevers. So...everyone that was around these people had to be quarentined and the plane had to be cleaned fully. Then they ran into volcanic ash in the sky, so they had to go a different route. This made them late for the connecting flight in Chicago; however, it was cancelled because of weather. They were given $2o off coupons for hotels and 3:45 p.m. flight tickets for the next day. They went and slept from 11:00 -4:00. Then back at the airport by 5:30 to see if they could get ther flights changed. Matt got a 9:45 a.m. flight ticket, but then EVERYONE got to get on standby on the 7:20 a.m. flight! So everyone was home by 8:50 a.m. It was an exciting morning and we are so glad that everyone made it home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Things John is Doing

I should apologize right off the bat because there are no pictures for this entry. I just wanted to share some thoughts and some things John has started doing. First of all, I love staying home with John. I have had so much fun seeing him learn new things each day. It amazes me how quickly he catches on to things. He is really into mimicing. Tonight my dad was making the sound of a rooster crowing. John started doing it in his cute, high pitched voice. It was hilarious! He also has started doing the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, he rolls his arms in Patty Cake, and he makes that "Indian" sound where he pats his mouth with his hand while he is making sounds. It is great. Sometimes I just sit and watch him play. He gets this determined look on his face when he is stuck or is trying to figure something out. He has started watching TV and he loves the Sprout Channel. Anytime there is music, he bounces, whether he is sitting or standing. He is starting to babble continously. While we were eating lunch on Sunday, he seem to hold a conversation the whole time we were at the table. He was pointing and waving his arms as he talked. I have never been so amazed at something so much. When I am feeling frustrated or tired, all I have to do is look at him and he makes me day brighter.
He is also very into "wrestling". If someone is laying on the floor, you can bet he is going to be on top of you. He is such a little boy and I love it. He loves being outside and getting dirty. He doesn't want shoes on or to be cooped up inside. He loves to swing and ride in a wagon. He also thinks that if you are eating, he should be also. He isn't wanting baby food though...he is all about table food. He eats everything! The only thing I have found that he doesn't like is egg salad.
I know this has been a lot of babbling but I just wanted to share the things I have going through my mind. I hope you enjoy and I promise to get pictures up soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Pictures of John in PA

John went to the petting zoo and loved all the animals. He is an animal lover...not scared at all!

We went on a train ride at the petting zoo and John loved it. He clapped the whole time and talked to the animals. It was so funny!

This is John playing boo heady with his cousin Alicia. Lance is sitting next to Alicia. They are cousins of Matt's that live in Detroit. 

John, Nana Barb, and Aunt Wendi at the hot dog roast. 

New Pictures of John

John had his first hotdog roast in PA. He helped me hold my stick while I roasted my hotdog. 

John in the bathtub with a bubble beard. 

John and Luke (his cousin) smiling big for the camera before we went to PA. 

This is John's new face that he makes. 

John loves getting in the toliet paper. It looks like he is saying, "What...did I do something wrong?"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Safely in China

As some of you know, Matt is in China. He arrived safely on Tuesday and everything is going great. They have been teaching English the last couple of days. He is having a great time. They will be traveling on Tuesday to a new village.
John and I are in Pennsylvania visiting Matt's family. Most of them had never met John so we came up with Matt's mom and sisters to visit. It has been a great trip. We have been hiking, to a petting zoo, swimming in a pool, and many other things! So it has been busy. John has been excellent! I was nervous about him not adjusting, but he is flexible! He smiles at everyone and lets others hold him. Wendi, Matt's oldest sister, and I are going shopping today, while the others watch John. I am so excited!!
I will post pictures whenever we get home and I get pictures downloaded. I will also keep everyone updated on Matt as he travels.