Monday, June 8, 2009

Safely in China

As some of you know, Matt is in China. He arrived safely on Tuesday and everything is going great. They have been teaching English the last couple of days. He is having a great time. They will be traveling on Tuesday to a new village.
John and I are in Pennsylvania visiting Matt's family. Most of them had never met John so we came up with Matt's mom and sisters to visit. It has been a great trip. We have been hiking, to a petting zoo, swimming in a pool, and many other things! So it has been busy. John has been excellent! I was nervous about him not adjusting, but he is flexible! He smiles at everyone and lets others hold him. Wendi, Matt's oldest sister, and I are going shopping today, while the others watch John. I am so excited!!
I will post pictures whenever we get home and I get pictures downloaded. I will also keep everyone updated on Matt as he travels.

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