Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Fun Night Out

Was tired of being cooped in the house...
Went to Wal-Mart and then decided to head to the Sharkys to hang out...
Went to Master Wok for some yummy Chinese...
Met up with the Shultz at Bass Pro...
Took at 2 hour walk that was filled with laughing, chatting, singing, and playing...
A wonderful night....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Babbling while Pushing the Stroller

Sippy Cups and Whole Milk

John is almost 1 and we have ran out of formula. We have been mixing whole milk with his formula so it isn't a big surprise when we switch over. Instead of buying formula for just one week, we decide to go with straight milk. We have been using a sippy cup with water but I hadn't put milk in one yet. So this morning, I wake up...a little sad that he won't be enjoying his bottle in bed with us like we do ever morning...John gets in his high chair and I give him his sippy cup with milk in it. He looks at it like...what do you want me to do with this?
I hold it for him and he drinks about an oz of it. He is finished. He is shaking his head...NO!!! So I put it in a bottle and he downs it with his blueberry pancake.
I guess 1 oz is better than no oz.

The dreaded sippy cup that had the milk in it...

I am a happy boy...milk in a bottle and blueberry pancakes!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Mad Face (July 2009)

"I DO NOT want to get back in my stroller!!"

Uncle Scott and Aunt Emily

We got to see my brother Scott and his wife Emily while we were on vacation. They live in NC, so they came up to VA to see us. It was so good to see them and John loved hanging out with them. He even said "Scott" while they were with us. We can't wait to see them at Thanksgiving!

Virginia Beach

Pop and me playing at the beach. We played in the sand, jumped waves and I flirted with all kinds of college girls!

I was worn out after playing on the beach all day. Mama had rented me an umbrella and I snoozed under it. It was goooood sleeping.

I wasn't drinking this Dr. Pepper...I promise!! But I was playing in the sad and LOVING it!

This is Pop and me getting ready to go to the beach. Pop has his new hat on and I am finishing off a bottle.

Virgina or Bust!!

We went on a 2 week vacation to Virginia Beach and Wilmington, VA with Nana and Pop ( Jodi's mom and dad). We drove the whole 17 hours! Nana and Pop were very good about stopping for John. We arrived in Sikeston around lunch where else would you stop...LAMBERTS! It was yummy and John loved all the food!

Pop, Nana and John waiting for our lunches.

John got to ride in a race car. He was excited to touch all the buttons and turn the steering wheel.

The next day we stopped at Arbys to grab lunch to go and found a park to play. This is Nana LeAnn and John sliding down the slide at the playground.

A Day with Daddy...Finally (June 30)

We only saw Daddy for 1 week during the month of June. Between him being in China for 3 weeks and then Mom and I leaving for vacation to Virginia...there wasn't much of June left! So on the day that we left to head down to Houston to meet up with Nana and Pop...we had a Daddy Day. We played in the morning and then we all headed down to Stateline and 51st St. Mama and Daddy got coffee and then we walked around the neighborhood. We found a cute little park and I got to get out of my stroller and play. It was a great day. I'll miss Daddy but I will see him in a week when he flies out to Virginia.

"I found this stick and I LOVE it!!"

This is me yelling...DADA!!!

"I love pushing the stroller (or anything with wheels) around. I grunt and my cheeks get all rosy as I do it. It is hard work, but I love it."

This is Daddy and me. He is trying to put the brakes on the stroller so I don't get away. However, I figured out how to pull up the brake, so it has now become a game!

Free Things

I had been searching for backyard toys at yard sales for weeks and I was having no luck! I had also been looking for a swing set for John...but they are so darn expensive. So we went to the Greenwood 4th of July Celebration and Lenny and Leslie had this house in their backyard. John played in it all night long. I made a comment about how we were looking for backyard stuff and had had no luck. They sold us theirs right there on the spot! I was so excited! Then the next day...Leslie called Matt and told him that she had found us a wooden swing set for FREE! Now our backyard is complete! We play out there everyday. The swing set is being worked on right now but it will be ready for John's birthday. It will be sanded, restained and a new swing just for him. Pictures will be soon be up to see.
I say...Ask and you shall receive!

Our First 4th of July Celebration

We were invited to the Greenwood 4th of July Celebration (the weekend before the 4th of July). We went over to Lenny and Leslie's house for the shin dig. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a blast. John had never seen fireworks before and I was nervous he wouldn't like them. He was amazed by them. He did want to be held the whole time they were going off...but he seemed to be in awe the whole time.

My Sweet Little Boy - June 26th, 2009

One morning I was tired and just wanted to sit and have a cup of coffee. So I looked sweetly at my boy and said, "Darling, Mama just wants to sit here, drink her coffee and watch the Today show. Do you think you could just play for awhile by yourself?" Now, when I said this, I was also thinking...there is no way. However, John looked at me after I said it and smiled. He then crawled over to the books and started looking through them! He sat there and looked at books the whole time I drank my coffee. Afterwards I squeezed him and gave him tons of kisses. He is the best boy in the whole world!

1st Lake Day - June 25th, 2009

It's a BEAUTIFUL day and we are headed out to the lake with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andrew. We were all excited as we rode out to Lake Winnebago. In the morning, I spent my time with Mary and the grandkids, while Mom and Dad wakeboarded and had some time with just the adults! I took a nap and played. Then, in the afternoon, it was MY time in the lake! I was so excited! Mom and Dad put this funny thing on me called a life jacket. I was too crazy about it, but then we got in the lake and I LOVED it! We floated around and I played with the zippers on Mommy's life jacket. Then a duck came floating by...and I decided to say DUCK! Mom and Dad were so excited. They started cheering and making quacking sounds. I think they were a little to excited but I smiled for them and said it again.
It was a great day on the lake and I hope that we go back again.

Loving the camera

"Look at all my top teeth! I have four on top and three on the bottom. I have one that is getting ready to come in so soon I'll have 8!!"

"The camera loves me and I love it!"

All Gone...

When you say, "All Gone!", John flaps out his arms and opens his mouth wide. It is so funny!

So I've Gotten Behind...

Since I have gotten so far behind on blogging this summer....I will recap you on what has been going on with the next few blogs. So here it goes!

It was a rainy day in we headed to Legacy Park to swim indoors. John wasn't sure about it at first but he ended up loving and not wanting to leave.