Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day with Daddy...Finally (June 30)

We only saw Daddy for 1 week during the month of June. Between him being in China for 3 weeks and then Mom and I leaving for vacation to Virginia...there wasn't much of June left! So on the day that we left to head down to Houston to meet up with Nana and Pop...we had a Daddy Day. We played in the morning and then we all headed down to Stateline and 51st St. Mama and Daddy got coffee and then we walked around the neighborhood. We found a cute little park and I got to get out of my stroller and play. It was a great day. I'll miss Daddy but I will see him in a week when he flies out to Virginia.

"I found this stick and I LOVE it!!"

This is me yelling...DADA!!!

"I love pushing the stroller (or anything with wheels) around. I grunt and my cheeks get all rosy as I do it. It is hard work, but I love it."

This is Daddy and me. He is trying to put the brakes on the stroller so I don't get away. However, I figured out how to pull up the brake, so it has now become a game!

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