Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Night Before School

The night before school, the backpacks were packed and the kids were snuggled in their beds, dreaming of what a new school would be like...

Tomorrow marks a few new chapters in our lives. Sophia is starting Kindergarten, John is starting 1st grade at a different school, and I won't be at school with them. 
These are 3 huge things and they have impacted our lives the last couple months. There has been a lot of preparing, a lot of talks, a lot of tears, and A LOT of prayers that have went into these new chapters. And now it is here...the page is about to turn and the chapter will begin. 

Sophia is so excited for Kindergarten. She has her first 5 outfits picked out and ready to go. She has had her backpack hanging up and ready to go since she got it for her birthday in March. She is so excited to make friends and have homework. She is ready to learn! However, there are lots of questions, especially comparing Kindergarten to Pre K. She is so ready to go and this momma can't believe that it is about to happen. I have prayed daily that she will keep her spirit, her creativity, and her love for people as she starts school. 

John is not excited...or so he says. He is scared and nervous. He had me at school with him last year and he knew a lot of teachers and had a lot friends at that school. He loved everything about CME and hates change. This is the hard part about being a parent - pushing them towards what you know is best for them, even when they aren't sure. I have prayed daily for this kid and this upcoming school year.

This new chapter is hard for me too. I don't think I realized how much it would affect me in the ways that it has. I feel like I am a first time mom sending my kids to school. I got to see John at school last year throughout different parts of the day. I knew the people well that were taking care of him. This year, I will drop John and Sophia off and then be there to pick them up. For some, this is no big deal and I know at some point it won't be a big deal for me. But for tonight and tomorrow...it is. When I made the decision to resign my position, I was fully aware that this would be a part of my life I would lose. I knew that I would lose being "in the know" and being in the behind the scenes parts of school. Yet, I also knew that it was what I needed to do for my family. I knew that God had a different path for me to take and he showed me that path when I took the step of faith to resign. He provided another job for me within a week. A job that would be flexible and allow me to work at home. It would allow me to walk my kids to school and be there to pick them up - with my full attention. It allowed us to keep a 2nd income (smaller, but still more than nothing) and provided benefits for my family. He gave me an even bigger passion to help students with disabilities. God is good.

Dear Heavenly Father, 
I praise you and I thank you for this new opportunity. I pray for the teachers, the administration and the staff as they open FSE doors tomorrow. I pray for the students that walk through the building. Please be with John and Sophia as they make new friends. Lord, let them shine your love into others. Help them in the choices they make throughout the day. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Girl and Her Shoes

Nora LOVES shoes. When I say love, I mean like both of her Nana's love shoes! As soon as she spots her shoes, she brings them to you so you can put them on her. She especially loves her sparkly tennis shoes. The first time we put them on her, she wasn't so sure. She would lift her knees really high, as if she were saying, "Hmmm...these are heavy on my feet and I am not sure how I should walk." The big kids loved watching her walk in them the first time. They thought it was a hoot! 
Now she is a pro and practically runs in any shoes that she has on. She thinks she is so big when she has her shoes on. Her love of shoes is quite cute now, but it could end up being an issue as she gets older :)