Monday, August 10, 2015

A Girl and Her Shoes

Nora LOVES shoes. When I say love, I mean like both of her Nana's love shoes! As soon as she spots her shoes, she brings them to you so you can put them on her. She especially loves her sparkly tennis shoes. The first time we put them on her, she wasn't so sure. She would lift her knees really high, as if she were saying, "Hmmm...these are heavy on my feet and I am not sure how I should walk." The big kids loved watching her walk in them the first time. They thought it was a hoot! 
Now she is a pro and practically runs in any shoes that she has on. She thinks she is so big when she has her shoes on. Her love of shoes is quite cute now, but it could end up being an issue as she gets older :)

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