Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few more pictures

"I love getting into drawers. I am such a big boy. I can open drawers and doors."

"What a cute family I am a part of...I am so lucky to have such cute parents!"

My 9 Month Boy!

Thought I would blog some new pictures now that we have our laptop back. Mr. John is now 9 months. We shopped for a new carseat tonight because he is over 20 lbs and his feet are about to hang off of the infant car seat. He is constantly saying "ma ma" and I love it. He has also started crying when I leave the room. I hate to admit it but it does make me feel good. :) Tooth number 6 is coming through, so that makes 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. He will also clap when he hears music on the T.V. ADORABLE! This past weekend we spent time with my parents. We were at the ball field all day on Saturday. John loved it. He crawled all over the place. He would clap when everybody else clapped. At the end of the day, he had grass stains all over his outfit and smudges of dirt on his face. It was so cute! He looked like a little boy! My dad also installed a swing at their house. John loved it!  I didn't have the camera because Matt had it for the weekend but my parents took pictures so I am waiting to get them. 
Oh...and how can I forget. It finally happened...John pooped in the bathtub. SICK! It was floating all around him, so I picked him up. He got so mad at me because he was not ready to get out of the bathtub. He kept saying, "ma ma, ma ma, ma ma". Everyone told me it would I guess it had too. Below are some pictures from Easter. 

"Aw Mom and Dad...I love my Easter baskets!"

"I am so excited for Easter and I love my Easter outfit...let's go to church!"

"I am so cute!"

"So I am ready for the lake this summer. Get ready Mike and Mary!"

"I am not sure about this thing...maybe we should go."

Monday, April 20, 2009

So Sorry!!!

I have been terrible once again at this blog thing! Our laptop is sent off right now getting a new mother board in it so all my pictures have been put on an external hard drive and I don't know how to put it on this I promise pictures will be here soon! Sarah Beard took pictures of John this past Saturday in his Easter they will be posted soon also. What is it is...
John got tooth # 5 and is currently working on #6!
He is no longer staying in the living room. He has discovered the kitchen, dining room, entry way and hallway. 
Is pulling up onto things and and trying to stand on his own. 
Waves and says "hi" sometimes :)
Loves to dance with Mommy
Has figured out how to open the Tupperware drawer and get things out :)

New with Jodi and Matt....
I have DeQuervein (a form of tendinitis) in my wrists. The doctor told me it is really common for moms because of holding their babies a lot and not allowing their wrists to rest. So I had to get a cortisone shot in my wrist today. I will be doing therapy on the other wrist to make sure it doesn't get as worse as the other one did.  It is already feeling better. I am just glad they didn't suggest surgery!
Matt is busy with work. He is gone every night this week but he is still loving his job. He will be heading for a men's retreat this weekend. He has a birthday coming year older! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bully at Jewell's

On Tuesday I picked up John from Jewell's (his sitter) house. I found out that my little guy was bullying the new girl! He was pulling her hair. This did not just happen once! When Jewell would leave the room or get out of sight, he would crawl over and pull her hair. So we talked about it and I told him not to be jealous that she had a lot more hair than he did :) I have been a lot better about saying NO to him when he pulls my hair. Oh 8 month bully!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ritz Crackers, Bananas and MAMA!!

So I must tell you this story....on Sunday I decided to prepare all our meals for the week. This made it easy for school nights...just pop something in the oven, on the grill or in a crock pot. So on Monday, I cooked a roast, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot. I was so excited about this meal because 1) it is easy and 2) John can eat the mashed up potatoes and carrots! So I got the table set (we never eat at the table) and got his potatoes and carrots mashed up in a little bowl. He just looked at it and then looked at me. So I showed him how he could pick it up and eat it. He still just looked at it. I dumped it out of the bowl...still looking at it. I put some in his mouth. He had a disguested look on his face. He would not touch it nor eat it! I was so dissappointed and Matt thought it was hilarious because I had been so excited. this point my food is getting cold and I am just like "whatever!" I put out ritz crackers (he LOVES them) and he started chowing down. OH...previously I had tried to put bananas on his tray also...he would touch them and then pull his hand back like he didn't like how they felt. So I decided to sneak the bananas into the pile of ritz crackers. It worked! He was having cracker coated bananas! At least there was some nutrition in it. :) Well I got the camera out...he loves the camera. He instantly wants to hold it and see himself. I notice that he has a lot in his mouth, so I put the camera down and he gets furious! (little red head!) Then he starts choking. Poor baby...we are patting him on the back and I stick my finger in his mouth to pull out all the stuff. Then the most PRECIOUS thing happened...he looked at me, held out his arms and said "Mama" I nearly cried! I instantly picked him up and hugged him. Now...I must tell you that he hasn't said since...but I don't care. I wrote it down in his baby book and I am counting it!

I Love My Toys!

There is Mr. John with his toy box. As you can see behind him, he has already gotten into the DVDs. He loves pulling them out one by one. He looks at them and then lays them down. After he gets tired of that, he crawls into the shelf and has them collapse on him. He does it every time! Then he moves onto his real toys. I don't know if you can spot it in the picture, but there is a farm wheel toy. I had one just like it when I was growing know the wheel that you pull the lever, the arrow spins around and what ever farm animal it lands on the sound of the animal come you know what I am talking about? Well anyway, they are new and improved now. They have a flap on the wheel so that you can change it to get more animal sounds. They have a music spot that plays Old MacDonald and a ? spot where it quizzes you on an animal. It is quite high tech now. When I saw it in Babies R Us....I had to get it! I am quite a sucker!
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moving From Place to Place

Not only is my little guy scooting everywhere, he is now pulling up on things and moving from place to place. Today he pulled up on his trunk, grabbed onto the entertainment center and stuck his fingers into the VCR (yes we do still have a VCR). It was like he just wanted to touch the VCR, just to see if he could. He would put his finger tips on the lights on the VCR, then he would tap it, and then he figured out he could stick his fingers into the tape slot. He was working so hard to get from place to place. He was also very mad when we moved him to a different spot.
John also had his first boo boo yesterday. He pulled up on the trunk and then slipped. His little arms got scraped up. It looked so sad, but he didn't cry. He only cried when we put medicine on the scraps.
Matt and I had a date night last night. Our wonderful friends, Lisa and Steve Hontz, took us to M&S grill. The food is wonderful! We had such a great time. Lots of laughing and kind of night. It was great to actually get to eat my dinner while it was hot! Mike and Mary Bartram kept John for us. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.
Tonight Matt and I watched Changling. I would only recommend this movie if you want to be extremely sad. It is so depressing! There were parts where I had to turn my head because it was just too sad.
Anyway...hope everyone is having a great weekend!