Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 9 Month Boy!

Thought I would blog some new pictures now that we have our laptop back. Mr. John is now 9 months. We shopped for a new carseat tonight because he is over 20 lbs and his feet are about to hang off of the infant car seat. He is constantly saying "ma ma" and I love it. He has also started crying when I leave the room. I hate to admit it but it does make me feel good. :) Tooth number 6 is coming through, so that makes 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. He will also clap when he hears music on the T.V. ADORABLE! This past weekend we spent time with my parents. We were at the ball field all day on Saturday. John loved it. He crawled all over the place. He would clap when everybody else clapped. At the end of the day, he had grass stains all over his outfit and smudges of dirt on his face. It was so cute! He looked like a little boy! My dad also installed a swing at their house. John loved it!  I didn't have the camera because Matt had it for the weekend but my parents took pictures so I am waiting to get them. 
Oh...and how can I forget. It finally happened...John pooped in the bathtub. SICK! It was floating all around him, so I picked him up. He got so mad at me because he was not ready to get out of the bathtub. He kept saying, "ma ma, ma ma, ma ma". Everyone told me it would I guess it had too. Below are some pictures from Easter. 

"Aw Mom and Dad...I love my Easter baskets!"

"I am so excited for Easter and I love my Easter outfit...let's go to church!"

"I am so cute!"

"So I am ready for the lake this summer. Get ready Mike and Mary!"

"I am not sure about this thing...maybe we should go."

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