Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shots and Sickness

Holy Moly...what a week. So this past week was a whirl wind. On Sunday, I started feeling really sick to my stomach and I felt like I wanted to throw up with I would feed John. I woke up feeling terrible on Monday, so I stayed home and went to the doctor. I found out that my hemoglobin levels and iron levels were really low. Pretty much I had been giving all of my nutrients to John and leaving nothing for me! So the doctor put me on a bunch of supplements, fiber powder and vitamins. I feel like an old lady each morning because I have to mix fiber powder in with my juice and take a bunch of pills. Seriously...I thought about getting a pill know the ones that have the days of the week on them because I have so many! On that same day, John went to the doctor for his 2 month check up. Oh sweet boy came in weighing 12 lbs 6 oz! He is 24 inches long and seems to just be a happy spitter. (the child is like a fountain he spits up so much) He also got his done orally, which he loved, and 3 in his leg, which he hated! It was terrible watching him get his shots. I just stood in the corner with tears in my eyes. Matt stood with him. John looked so was like his eyes were saying, "why are you letting them do this to me???!!!" TERRIBLE!

Tuesday, I tried to go to school but I looked like a drug eyes and I was completely white (pale). I came home early and slept all day, except to nurse. Let me tell you that being sick and being a mom is so HARD, especially with a 2 month old. They don't seem to understand, "Mom is sick...she needs the day off." There is no day off!

But all is well now. I am feeling so much better and John's little legs don't hurt any longer. Matt and I went on a date tonight and Andrew and Sarah watched the boy. We went to Bentons and had a great evening. It was lovely! I would recommend Bentons to anyone!! DELICIOUS!

Okay...well I am off to bed.