Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memorizing Verses

One thing that I have always felt inadequate about in my walk the Lord is the memorizing of verses. It is just something that I have never invested a lot of time in and I wish that I would have. Tonight after conferences I was searching on Google and I came across a really neat website...
It all started with a pastor being asked to write songs for kids to help them memorize verses. It blew up and now it is a huge deal. They have CDs and a whole website with family activities. LOVE IT! Just wanted to share...
I am thinking that maybe this is God's way of saying...."maybe you should start it is in kid form!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Matt got the feel the baby move tonight. I love his face the first time he feels the baby. He gets so excited. Up until now, he has been so jealous when I say I feel the baby move. After he felt the baby move, he reenacted what he thought the baby looked like when he/she is moving. I love pregnancy! Such a miracle!

After going to Music with Mars...John and I went home and...

John was being brave and standing on his little car.

John giving me his "look" when I said "No that is not a toy." He isn't a fan of the word no.

John took his first picture with the camera.

John telling me all about "something".

Mommy and John posing for a picture right before bed. I love this little guy so much. He did fabulous at Music with Mars...dancing and clapping. He even kept his hands off of others. Sometimes it is so hard to go to work because I know that I probably will miss something new that John does. I am not looking forward to these next 2 days...parent teacher conferences. This means that I am at school till 8:00 p.m. for the next two days....yuck. Oh school on Friday so a long weekend is soon coming.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Silky Things and Bedtime

It just happened one day...John started loving silky things. He loves rubbing his hands across this particular texture...especially when he gets tired. Matt has some gym shorts that are silky and John loves cuddling with Daddy when he's got them on.

"Got my silky blanket and my thumb...I am ready to cuddle."

Silky blanket + Thumb + Daddy = Perfect Evening

Enchanted Forest

Our family of 3 (soon to be 4) went to the Enchanted Forest for a fun non-scary Halloween event.

John is bundled up and ready to go. "Let's Go!!"

After 2 hours waiting in line with 39 degree weather...John is officially cold. His Daddy got some good cuddle time.
The Wizard of Oz folks visited us!

Getting Dressed In the Morning

Hmm....I wonder how this thing works?

"I think I have seen Mom do it like this."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Sex of the Baby

Matt and I have decided to do all of the old wives tales to see which ones tell us the true sex of the baby. We are making a chart and keeping track to see which ones tell us which. Then when I have the baby we will see which ones were right and which ones were wrong.
So far we have completed two. Here are the results...
String and Ring Test - Boy
Chinese Lunar Calendar - Girl (based on age and the month you conceive in)

Looks like it is a tie so far!
We'll keep you updated!

Feeling the Baby Move

I wanted to upload photos of the ultrasound but it isn't letting me put them on the blog you'll just have to imagine what the new baby looks like. I realized that I hadn't been sharing much about the new baby, so I thought I would share some thoughts...
  • Felt the baby moving all day today. It makes it feel even more real.
  • Matt gets jealous when I feel the baby move and he doesn't get to. I assure him his time is coming.
  • Everyone is asking if we have names picked out...and we don't. We really haven't discussed it much. I guess we should get on that soon.
  • I was scared when I went in for my last ultrasound because I hadn't been feeling the baby move. I knew that by 20 weeks I should be feeling him/her move. I was relieved to find out that the due date was wrong and I was only 16 weeks.
  • We are not finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl but I think it is a boy.
  • I am worried about how John will react when the new baby arrives.
  • I worry about being a mom to two kids and not just one.
  • I can't imagine loving something as much as I love John.
  • The baby will be in the nursery and John will move to the big green room. He'll have more room to play.
  • I am trying to cherish all my moments with John while he is the "only child". Being the oldest one in my family, I know that it never happens again.
  • I am excited to have 2 babies in bed with us for our snuggle time in the mornings.
  • Matt made a proclamation the other day when John was busy and didn't want to be held or cuddled...."I don't care what you say...I am going to hold this new baby all I want. I am going to nap with it even though you say it needs to sleep on it's own. It will sleep anyway! You only get 7 months...and I am making the most of it!" I just laughed.
  • I am excited for the journey of being a mom with 2 kids.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is a very little picture but I can't get it it will have to do. This is John and Jenna hanging out at the new TUE (elementary school) on Saturday. I had a tiring evening but after seeing this picture, I felt so much better.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cleaning Weekend!!! John helped us by playing in the empty laundry basket.

At this point I am trying to figure out how to be a full time mom, full time teacher and a student...John thought he would help me out on my homework this weekend.
He said forget this...I am going to act like this calculator is a phone.
We ended the day with a bath and some crazy hair!
It was a great weekend.