Sunday, June 2, 2013

Catching Up

Whew...what a year. School is finally out and as I look back and think about this school year (and what I didn't blog about) I get a little overwhelmed. There is so many things I wished I would have blogged about but didn't because of time and being exhausted. But here are a few things..
  • John had an awesome year at preschool. He loved his teachers and his friends. He was very sad about having the last day of school and leaving his friends and teachers. 
  • Sophia finally is potty trained. Whew...that was quite an experience. That girl does things on her own time! 
  • I get to stay at the same school as I was located this year I am very excited to get to continue learning under my principal and continuing to be with the same staff. 
  • Sophia still doesn't like to go to bed and we have decided she is a night owl. We are learning to adjust :) 
  • Abbey (Matt's little sister) and Brant got married! I hope to pictures of this up soon. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures because the day was sort of a whirlwind but I did capture a few. Matt, Sophia and John were all in and did a fantastic job. 
  • Mark and Barb found out they are moving to Lamar to be at another church. This means that we will not have any grandparents in the area next year. It is going to be very different but we are excited to see what God has in store for them. 
  • My brother Scott and his wife Emily have their house on the market in NC (please let me know if you are moving there and want to buy a house...I can hook you up!) and are wanting to move to the KC area!
Well those are just a few things but I know there were more. That is the nice thing about blogging each day. You capture the small things. :)

Now to blog about today:
Since Mark is no longer preaching at Liberty United Methodist, the family has been coming down to Lakeland. It is nice to see them each Sunday. Today we had family Sunday lunch at our house. As I looked around our house (which is fabulous to host in now since the remodeling), it hit me that we are so lucky to have a loving family. Matt and I are both blessed, which makes are kids doubly blessed, to have families that love spending time with one another. 

We caught a nap after everyone left and headed to the Lake Jacomo Campsite to meet up with our dear friends, the Denglers. There were a few other families there and once again I caught myself thinking about how blessed we are to have such a great church community. Our kids love playing with their friends they have met through Lakeland and the conversation with the adults is always a fun one. We are also lucky to have the Denglers in our lives. Even though they moved to Colorado, we consider them part of the family. 

After we got home, I was putting the kids to bed and we said our prayers. John prayed for Sophia's imaginary friend Daisy and that the Denglers would have a safe trip back home to Colorado. Sophia prayed for all the people in the world and for Aunt Abbey and her wedding (then she started to retell the whole wedding scene, especially her part as a flower girl).
When I was praying for each of them and said Amen, Sophia stopped me and told me that I forgot to pray for her hair and that it would get as long as "Tangled".
I love their simple, sweet prayers. I love their innocence and worry free minds. 
It was a great day.