Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Starting Preschool

Well...we are officially the parents of 2 Preschoolers!! Unbelievable. I am also amazed to say that we did not have one tear from either kid as they left to go to their Preschool room. They are getting so big. 
John is doing 5 days of Pre-K. He gets to take his lunch each day. He absolutely loves it. The first day I picked him up, I asked him about his day. He said, "Mom, you will never believe it. They rub your backs during rest time and we have 3, I mean it, 3 recesses!" Before he went to preschool, I had told him that the teachers pray over the kids as they are resting. After his first day of school, he said, "I didn't hear anyone pray." I said, "They were probably praying in their heads." John - "Well, I guess that is okay. I would rather hear it." 
Oh that boy! 
When he got home, he excitedly told his sister all about it and proclaimed that she would love it! 

Sophia is doing 2 days a week. I was nervous about her going in but she was a trooper. She did her "one more thing..." about 2 times where she runs back and hugs and kisses us. And then she was off. My sweet baby girl was off and going like it was no big deal. 

One thing I realized is that this is the first time John and Sophia won't be staying at the same place for a whole day together. On the days Sophia doesn't go to Preschool, she will head to daycare. Since John is going 5 days, he doesn't go to day care anymore. 

My kids are getting big. Strange...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Great Day

Today was a great day. It was one of those days that you want to hold onto forever. You never know how the day is going to go when you have one parent gone for the weekend...but today was a day that was just perfect. We went to the Red Barn in Weston, MO. A place we love and visit each year. I think I could live in Weston, but that is another blog some other time. In the afternoon, we hung out at home...I even got a few things done! 
After our awesome day, I just laid in my kids' beds, looking at them, thanking God for giving me such wonderful kids. Praying that I don't wish for them to get older and to turn things over to Him as we go through life. He is the ultimate parent and I pray for Him to take the lead. 

Another part of today was hanging out with the Sharky's. I do apologize that I never got a picture of little Sam...but he is a big part of the picture too! 
I love watching these kids together. They have known each other since birth. They truly love each other. Makenna and Sophia greet each other like they haven't seen each other in years. They call each other sisters and I believe Makenna is the only one that can get Sophia to hurry. :)
John and Madeline love being in charge of the little girls and Sam. They fight and play like brother and sister. (I secretly hope one of those girls marry John someday so we will be in each other's lives forever and ever.) 
I can't wait to see as they grow up together and see what friends they will become. I can already tell that when Madeline and/or Makenna get their first boyfriend, John will have something to say about it. I can also see Makenna and Sophia calling each other to see what is happening on a Friday night and to tell about something exciting that happened that day. 
Another part I love is that the parents treat the kids like they are our own. We say no to them and we celebrate on their achievements. We pray for each other and help each other. 

I almost don't want to go to bed just because I truly loved today. It would have been even more perfect if Matt were here. I am sad he missed it. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dinner Conversations

Tonight's dinner conversations...

John: I have decided I am not going to college.
Me: Why?
John: Well, I don't want to leave you and Dad. So I am just going to live here forever. 
Me: Well, that sounds nice but I am sure you will change your mind later. 
John: Well, I guess we will see. 

This is not the first time we have had this conversation. Actually it comes up at least once a week. I love it! I know that his mentality will change later in life, so I am embracing it now. 

Sophia: We have to get ready for my wedding. 
Me: Really, who are you marrying?
Sophia: Hmmm...I don't know. Some boy.
(At this point we are throwing out some names.)
Matt: Is it Kurtis?
Sophia: No, my boy will have hair. And NO mustache!

I am loving dinner conversations lately. I haven't been focusing on some crazy meal. I have went to very simple meals, so that I am not completely exhausted when I sit down after working all day and then coming home to cook. It has been nice and refreshing to do things a little simpler and not set such high expectations for myself, especially with dinner. We now eat dinner a little later, which gives us some more time to not be rushed.