Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Starting Preschool

Well...we are officially the parents of 2 Preschoolers!! Unbelievable. I am also amazed to say that we did not have one tear from either kid as they left to go to their Preschool room. They are getting so big. 
John is doing 5 days of Pre-K. He gets to take his lunch each day. He absolutely loves it. The first day I picked him up, I asked him about his day. He said, "Mom, you will never believe it. They rub your backs during rest time and we have 3, I mean it, 3 recesses!" Before he went to preschool, I had told him that the teachers pray over the kids as they are resting. After his first day of school, he said, "I didn't hear anyone pray." I said, "They were probably praying in their heads." John - "Well, I guess that is okay. I would rather hear it." 
Oh that boy! 
When he got home, he excitedly told his sister all about it and proclaimed that she would love it! 

Sophia is doing 2 days a week. I was nervous about her going in but she was a trooper. She did her "one more thing..." about 2 times where she runs back and hugs and kisses us. And then she was off. My sweet baby girl was off and going like it was no big deal. 

One thing I realized is that this is the first time John and Sophia won't be staying at the same place for a whole day together. On the days Sophia doesn't go to Preschool, she will head to daycare. Since John is going 5 days, he doesn't go to day care anymore. 

My kids are getting big. Strange...

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