Sunday, September 14, 2008

SO Sorry!!!

So I just realized that I had not put the pictures that Sarah Beard took of John on my blog. I am terrible because they are so good! I am so lucky to have such a talented best friend!

Going on 7 weeks

It is incredible to think that John will be 7 weeks on Monday. The time has passed by so quickly. He is changing so much. It seems like everyday something changes. He is smiling, giggling/gurgling, reacting to his mom and dad's voices, grabs onto your fingers and tries to pull up, pushes up with his legs when you stand him up, scoots when he is having tummy time, and lifting his head all the time. He is an alert little boy and loves to look around. He loves sleeping on his mom and dad's chest. We have a hard time putting him in his bed at bedtime.

I started back to work full time this last week. It was exhausting, but I know it will get easier with time. I have to say that it makes my time with John even more special. It makes me feel good to know that he wants me when I arrive at the sitter's house. He starts smiling and is just so content in my arms. My class is good and I am really enjoying 5th grade. I am learning what it means to get to your job, do your job and get home to your family. That is a hard concept for a teacher because there is always something to do.

Matt is still working at Lakeland and things are going well with it. He gets a lot of compliments about how well he is doing his job. He is a hard worker and really takes care of the building. He is getting ready to leave for China is less than a month. He will be gone for 16 days!!!! So John and I will be missing Daddy for more than 2 weeks. He is really excited about the trip. There is only 5 people going and they are going to be teaching English while they are over there. They are meeting up with Jack, our translator, and some of the other coworkers. It should be an awesome trip.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

A Cute Smile

John has starting smiling and giggling (sounds more like a gurgle). He doesn't just do it in his sleep anymore! He loves being talked and sung to. When ever you play music, he gets real still and listens. It is so cute!