Tuesday, August 13, 2013

John is the one getting ready to kick the ball and has red plaid shorts on.

John started soccer tonight with YMCA. I had Open House so I didn't get to go but Matt said that it was really good and really organized (which I secretly love :)).
John had a blast. His coach instantly new his name because he was constantly talking and answering the coaches questions. Is anyone surprised?
His team's name is The Royals. He was proud that he came up with the name and the team picked it. He had another name that he said and this is the conversation that we had about it...
John: My first name for the team was Blue Balls.
Me: Oh...well that is an interesting name. 
John: Yeah. Because we have blue shirts and we have balls. (I believe he meant soccer balls.)
Me: All I can do is smile. I finally get these words out "The Royals is a good name."

Oh I love little kids!

I then had this conversation with Sophia...
Me: Sophia, did you have fun at John's practice?
Sophia: Yup
Me: Do you want to play soccer?
Sophia: Nope
End of conversation :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Beginning of School

I missed these little kiddos while I was at work today...
 A few pictures I never posted of the kids dressed up for Abbey and Brant's wedding.