Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ritz Crackers, Bananas and MAMA!!

So I must tell you this story....on Sunday I decided to prepare all our meals for the week. This made it easy for school nights...just pop something in the oven, on the grill or in a crock pot. So on Monday, I cooked a roast, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot. I was so excited about this meal because 1) it is easy and 2) John can eat the mashed up potatoes and carrots! So I got the table set (we never eat at the table) and got his potatoes and carrots mashed up in a little bowl. He just looked at it and then looked at me. So I showed him how he could pick it up and eat it. He still just looked at it. I dumped it out of the bowl...still looking at it. I put some in his mouth. He had a disguested look on his face. He would not touch it nor eat it! I was so dissappointed and Matt thought it was hilarious because I had been so excited. So...at this point my food is getting cold and I am just like "whatever!" I put out ritz crackers (he LOVES them) and he started chowing down. OH...previously I had tried to put bananas on his tray also...he would touch them and then pull his hand back like he didn't like how they felt. So I decided to sneak the bananas into the pile of ritz crackers. It worked! He was having cracker coated bananas! At least there was some nutrition in it. :) Well I got the camera out...he loves the camera. He instantly wants to hold it and see himself. I notice that he has a lot in his mouth, so I put the camera down and he gets furious! (little red head!) Then he starts choking. Poor baby...we are patting him on the back and I stick my finger in his mouth to pull out all the stuff. Then the most PRECIOUS thing happened...he looked at me, held out his arms and said "Mama" I nearly cried! I instantly picked him up and hugged him. Now...I must tell you that he hasn't said since...but I don't care. I wrote it down in his baby book and I am counting it!

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