Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Things John is Doing

I should apologize right off the bat because there are no pictures for this entry. I just wanted to share some thoughts and some things John has started doing. First of all, I love staying home with John. I have had so much fun seeing him learn new things each day. It amazes me how quickly he catches on to things. He is really into mimicing. Tonight my dad was making the sound of a rooster crowing. John started doing it in his cute, high pitched voice. It was hilarious! He also has started doing the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, he rolls his arms in Patty Cake, and he makes that "Indian" sound where he pats his mouth with his hand while he is making sounds. It is great. Sometimes I just sit and watch him play. He gets this determined look on his face when he is stuck or is trying to figure something out. He has started watching TV and he loves the Sprout Channel. Anytime there is music, he bounces, whether he is sitting or standing. He is starting to babble continously. While we were eating lunch on Sunday, he seem to hold a conversation the whole time we were at the table. He was pointing and waving his arms as he talked. I have never been so amazed at something so much. When I am feeling frustrated or tired, all I have to do is look at him and he makes me day brighter.
He is also very into "wrestling". If someone is laying on the floor, you can bet he is going to be on top of you. He is such a little boy and I love it. He loves being outside and getting dirty. He doesn't want shoes on or to be cooped up inside. He loves to swing and ride in a wagon. He also thinks that if you are eating, he should be also. He isn't wanting baby food though...he is all about table food. He eats everything! The only thing I have found that he doesn't like is egg salad.
I know this has been a lot of babbling but I just wanted to share the things I have going through my mind. I hope you enjoy and I promise to get pictures up soon.

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Whitney Richeson said...

Ahh..that is so fun that he is doing all of those things. I can't wait until Alivia is doing that. Thanks for sharing! :)