Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love Electronics

My child has a toybox that is filled with toys. He has toys that can be found in almost every room of our house. However, he prefers electronics or wheels. Can I say...he is all boy! A few months back, our TV went out. We set the broken TV on the floor...and John was crazy about it. He would lay on his belly pushing the buttons and folding up the cord. My parents let us borrow one of their TVs until we got a new one. Well...yesterday we bought a new TV. Now because we had always been old school, we had to run our cable through the VCR (don't ask me details...I don't really know why). So when we got our new TV, we didn't need the VCR anymore.
Now, I must interject at this point, because I love VHS. I am very sad that we are getting rid of it and our tapes. Yet, the tapes are taking up space and we really don't watch them.
Okay...back to my story. So we set the VCR down by the TV that was broken (I know...we haven't gotten rid of the other TV yet....we've been busy!) John was in heaven! All he played with today was the VCR and his cars. I think it is hilarious that my 10 month old is crazy about electronics! what goes in here?

What...are you going to tell me NO, not a toy???

This is the coolest toy I have ever had! There are so many things to figure out on this crazy thing.

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Bridget said...


a. In case you've forgotten, we still have that old tv of yours. It is currently in our sunroom. Looks like you could have used it the last few weeks!
b. Matt always looks so grumpy and irritated in the pictures you post! Tell the old man to SMILE. :)
c. I miss you all! I hope you have a happy 4th!