Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Getting Big

John is getting so big! This morning he saw that Matt was in the bathroom at the sink. John started eating and then when he looked up, he looked into the bathroom and said "da-da". It was amazing! Poor Matt had already left so he didn't get to hear it. It was like he was searching for Matt to say "Good Morning!'
Tonight we tried to do a Mommy and Baby Exercise dvd...didn't go so well. 1st of all...I am way out of shape and 2nd of all, John wanted to be on the floor instead of in my arms. Oh well...maybe another night.
So Wednesday is Matt and I's date night this week! We are going to get a couples massage for Valentines Day. I am so excited!
Have a great President's Day!

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Julie said...

I love the pictures! Hope your massage was great!