Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Much To Tell!!!

Oh my...I am so behind on blogging! I know this doesn't surprise anyone but I have so much to tell that I will do it in parts. So let's start with my favorite subject...JOHN! He is getting so big. He will be 7 months this weekend and I can't believe it. He talks all the time. I guess he takes after me! He says "da", "ma", "ba", and he does this whisper that is adorable. He has started scooting on his belly. Tonight he scooting and he got to our DVD's. Before I knew it, he was pulling the DVD's out. I was laughing so hard! And wouldn't you know...our digital camera is out of batteries and I haven't been to the store to get more! It would have been a great one! He was so proud of himself. :) Tonight I took him to school with me because I had a family program to attend. He was such a flirt. He let everyone hold him, he let the kids touch and talk to him, and he just hammed it up the whole time. I love that little guy...even though he won't say "mama". Oh...I almost forgot...the little man is getting 3 teeth on top! So this will be 5 all together. He's growing up!
Daddy reading to John before bedtime.
"I want to crawl and go so bad!!! Why won't my legs and arms work at the same time??!!!"
"I am working s hard but my toushe won't get up!"

" I love rolling over! I am such a happy boy!"

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