Monday, March 15, 2010

My camera ran out of batteries today, so I don't have any new pictures to post from today. Just thought I would give an update and a cute story.

Everyone is doing well. Sophia pretty much sleeps and poops. :) I have to wake her up during the day to eat...she is a CUDDLER! I was thinking today how overwhelming it was to bring John home. I thought it was so tiring (which it was); however, I had no idea that the real tiring part is when they start moving. Today Sophia and I chilled on the couch and watched Lost...I don't get to do that when John's home. It is funny how your perspectives change with the 2nd one.
Mr. John had a great day at Jewell's house. He played, ate and slept well. He was a little cranky when he first got home, but other than that he had a great day!
Sophia got to meet new friends today...the Sharky girls! It was fun to see Makenna and Sophia look at each other...they are destined to be best friends!

Funny Story:
When I feed Sophia, John calls it "bites". He helps me get everything together, such as a burp rag, her pacifier, her blanket and the Boppy. He thinks "bites" should be happening all the time, so he is constantly asking "bites?". Yesterday, Sophia wasn't latching on very well for one of her feedings, so John, who was sitting next to me in bed, decided to show her. He leaned down and landed, what felt like a wet kiss, on the side of my breast. He even had a sound effect that sounded like cookie monster eating cookies. I laughed SO hard. He was quite proud of himself to show his little sister how to do something.


Whitney Richeson said...
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Whitney Richeson said...

That is hilarious! I am so glad everything is going well and John had a good day today! That is wonderful that Sophia is a good sleeper! Can't wait to come and see you! :)