Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yogurtini Logo
We had heard about this place but hadn't tried it. We decided to go for a drive last night and the van took us is YUMMY! Very hip and cool and low fat! (Except when you add all the different toppings they have.)

Sophia is excited!

John was super pumped! He really wanted to go see the fish at Bass Pro but thought this was just as good. He did want to go see the fish after we ate yogurt. We had to tell him that the fish were asleep. He said "Take a nap, like the sun?"

Him and I shared and he ate the majority of it. As you can tell this is serious business by the look on his face.

16 different flavors and you can swirl the two flavors that are next to each other if you want.

Aren't these stools cute?
John stacked them on top of each other.

John got a hold of the camera. He is getting better!

Girl time! Poor girl wanted the yogurt so badly. The baby Mum Mums just didn't cut it for her.