Monday, November 8, 2010

Sophia is 8 months today.
I cannot believe that 8 months have already gone by.
At this age you are:
Starting to are not a tummy time kind of girl.
Wanting real food very badly
Hate to be left in a room by yourself.
Doesn't want to be rocked to sleep. We can just lay you down and you are out.
Starting to wave bye bye
Saying Da Da
Roll all over the place
Love pulling on my necklaces
Love bouncing in the horse jumper
Still letting me put bows on you!

8 Things I Love About Sophia:
1. The way you wave your little hand when you are saying Bye Bye.
2. Your sweet small voice that says Da Da.
3. You hate tummy time, but I love how you will immediately roll to your back to avoid it.
4. You love to bounce on someone's knee. You jerk your body to make us bounce you.
5. Your sweet smile when your family walks into a room.
6. Your laugh is absolutely adorable. It is such a sweet sound.
7. I love that you are a cuddle bug.
8. I love that I have a daughter. I can't wait to have many more mother/daughter moments.
I love you Sophia - Bia

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