Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I had full intention to do a big blogging evening but evidently something has caught me because I am feeling awful. However, I do have a story for you about John...

Last night, John was sitting on the couch looking at our Advent guide. He was looking at the beautiful cover, picking out the trees and the snow. He opened the book and said, "And Jesus said NO!". He flipped the page and said, "Jesus said NO!" and kept doing it page by page. When he was finished, he slammed shut the book and said.."All Done!"

Tonight we were getting ready to pray. We were talking about how it is Jesus's birthday soon. John says "Where Jesus go? " I simply stated, "Well Jesus lives in your heart." John sat there and thought and said, "No, Jesus live in my foot."
It was a sweet, funny moment.

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