Friday, May 29, 2015

Nora Turns 1

 I look at these pictures above and it just seems like yesterday that this was Nora. Her first year of life has been a whirlwind. In some ways I am sad that it was such a whirlwind, but in others, I am so grateful of the events that took place this year. Nora has not only grown, but she has made me grow in very big ways.
 I remember being so ready to have her and meet her. I actually thought she was going to be a boy. I remember when Matt saw she was a girl, his first comment was "Oh boy..two weddings." I remember laughing and then looking at each other because we were so happy. 
Nora has been the best baby from day 1. She has had the "go with the flow" attitude since the beginning. She found her voice early and has been called Noisy Nora ever since.
Here is a glimpse of her 1st Birthday...

We selected the Hungry Caterpillar because she will eat anything!

She is so big!! Look at those sweet dimples.

She did not dig into the cake like I expected. She really wanted me to feed her. This is probably a bit of Matt and I's fault, since we didn't play by the rules with her and allowed her to taste sweets (a few times) before her first birthday. Oh being the 3rd!

           I absolutely love this picture. Words can't express how much I love this sweet baby!

What is happening at 12 Months...
- She is standing on her own and walks along things all over the house. 
-She actually took her first 3 steps today (May 29) at the Library. Needless to say, we broke the library's quiet rules when she took her steps!
-She loves food - especially Nana's meatballs and graham crackers. 
-She loves to get into things, especially drawers and cabinets. 
-She wants to be with her big sister and brother when they are playing.
-She loves swinging outside. 
-She is transitioning to whole milk from formula and all is well.
-She still has sensitive skin and needs natural diapers. 
-We haven't taken her to the doctor yet for her 12 month appointment so I don't know how much she weighs...but we will get to the doctor soon!
-She won't say "daddy", she says "Matt".
-She loves saying Momma. (LOVE IT!)


This is Sophia in the same outfit on her first birthday! You can definitely tell they are sisters! 

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