Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nora - 8 and 9 Months Old

Nora is 9 Months Old
(and I have also included an 8 month picture because it never got blogged)

Yup, there you have it! We have a ninth month old. Crazy to think in 3 quick months this little nugget will be celebrating her 1 year birthday. The word for Noisy Nora these days is BUSY. She is into everything and wants to be where the action is - aka where ever her brother and sister are. My favorite thing about Little Miss is that she won't say "dada", only "mama"! Matt will look at her and say "Dada" and she looks at him and says "Mama". She is already ornery! 

A Few Things About Nora
- She loves Graham Crackers and Veggie Straws
-She is pulling up onto anything that she can and is trying to grab from on thing to the next. 
-She loves Miss Jewel - our babysitter. 
-She babbles loudly all the time. 
-She is getting better about car rides. 
-She LOVES bath time but is not to keen on big swimming pools. 
-She crawls and she is FAST. 
-She really studies you if she doesn't know you but after awhile she is all smiles. She doesn't seem to have the stranger danger yet. She lets anyone hold her, you might just not get smiles at first. However, if you have a necklace on - you are her best friend. 

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