Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Sweet Story

Most people know the story of John NOT wanting another sister when he found out we were having a baby. At first he was not even going to come into the delivery room after the baby was born. He then decided that he would at least see the baby and if the baby was a girl - he would say hi and then Matt and him would go to Strikers. 

Well, this all changed once he laid eyes on Nora. He has loved her since the first time he saw her. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was and how much he actually did love her. In our house, both John and Sophia, think Nora can do no wrong. 

John has become quite the writer at school. He publishes books like it's no one's business. I was invited to his Writing Celebration yesterday at school (a perk of working at the same place he goes to school). His teacher had told me to get ready because this story was a tear jerker. Yup - he was right! John wrote a story about Nora. He dedicated it to her (an also put "I have another sister too."). He wrote about what he was doing before he met her for the first time. He described what he thought when he met her and the words "adorable" were used in his writing. He wrote about the first time we brought her home and our house full of people. 

I am still amazed at how this little family works. I worried and fretted about adding another baby to the mix and hoped that the big kids would hate it. Now, we can't imagine life without baby Nora and the kids keep asking for another baby. (Yeah...that ain't happening) 
Thank you Jesus for my family. 

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