Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ballet Class

Well, we have found something Sophia enjoys - BALLET!
This girl was so excited last night when she went to bed. This morning she woke up, ready to go to dance class. While driving to dance class, she was repeating "ballet words" she has learned from Fancy Nancy books. 
Mrs. Jewel dressed her at her house and painted her fingernails. (P.S. I love Mrs. Jewel. She loves my kids like they are her own. We are SO lucky to have this wonderful lady.) So Sophia was ready to go when Matt picked her up. 
We did a quick car switch - Me, Nora, and Sophia off to Ballet - Matt and John off to a soccer game.
She waited patiently in the waiting room for her teacher to come. The teacher came and off she went. No hesitation at all. I got to peek in the door and she looked so beautiful standing in the middle of the room doing her poses. 
She came out looking so proud. 
When I asked her details - she gave me none. When I asked her what her teacher's name was, she replied with "I don't remember. Let's call her Rapunzel." 
I asked her "Did you like it?" 
Her reply was "I LOVED it." 
Sold - I will be a dance mom if I get to see that sweet smile and those precious eyes the way they looked when she came out of the room. 

As we sat at dinner, after ballet and soccer, I had a feeling of fullness. I know my life is completely crazy and I pack way to much into it. This is something I am working on. But let me tell you - to hear my son tell me about the two goals he scored, my sweet Sophia telling me how much she loves ballet, and my little Nora smiling and chattering away - it is all worth it. We are so blessed. 

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