Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nora is 3 Months Old...and a few days

Miss Nora is 3 months old! Here is what she's doing:
*She smiles at anyone who looks her way. You will probably get a giggle if you start talking to her.
*She has really started being vocal. She loves to "talk".
*She still loves her siblings and they LOVE her.
*She still hates the car seat.
*She is still a happy spitter.
*She is sleeping through most of the night (10:30 to 5:30am - with a usual popping the pacifier in her mouth about 3:30am)
*She loves to sit up and loves being in the Bumbo seat.
*She usually wants to have a conversation between switching sides when she is feeding.
*She has a made a new friend at Mrs. Jewel's house.
*She has started interacting with her toys. She bats at them and grabs them.

Oh this chunk of love...I just can't get enough of her! She is such a good baby. We went to the lake this last weekend and she was so good! She let everyone hold her, she slept on the boat, and smiled and cooed all weekend. 

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