Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Day of School

I usually can't sleep the night before the first day of school.  I love the first day of school. I love the little faces as I get to greet them. I love the sweet Kindergarten babies that walk in for the first time, with scared faces, and I get to take their hand and tell them how much they are going to love Kindergarten. I love the kids that get dressed up for the first day in an outfit that their mom's probably bought for them. I love the familiar faces. I love walking through the halls praying for those sweet students as they get ready to enter a new school year. 
However, this year was different. Not only did I have all those familiar feelings but I had my first baby entering into the world of school. I was excited, nervous, scared and overwhelmed with emotion as we started to enter this milestone. These are things I remember about the first day of school: 
  1. John getting up at 5:45am because he just couldn't sleep anymore.
  2. Seeing my sweet babies in their new outfits (John was NOT dressed fancy- his requirement) and taking pictures on the porch.
  3. Going to school by myself and thinking "I wonder how John is feeling right now."
  4. Being so excited when I saw the black car drive up and Matt and John getting out. 
  5. Seeing John being brave, but also seeing him a little nervous. 
  6. Walking through the doors and hearing my sweet son, "This is really happening." in a soft voice. 
  7. Walking behind him and seeing so many teachers and staff members greet him and love him already. 
  8. Giving him a hug, us counting to 10 as we hugged, and him saying "Mom, count slower." (Try holding tears back with that being whispered in your ear...but I did!)
  9. Him walking into the classroom all by himself and the teacher saying "You can come in if you want." Matt and I shook our heads no because we knew it would be hard on John to say bye again.
  10. Walking back to my office, and deciding that I will break into sobs if I was by myself, so to bus duty I went.
  11. Getting to see my little man during Kindergarten lunch practice. 
  12. Him running to give me a hug at the end of the day when I walked into my office. 
  13. John asleep by 8:00 because he was so exhausted from his first day of Kindergarten. 

This boy loves his baby sister!

Jenny Johnson - he loves his hat!

He wanted a picture with a sad face...silly boy.

Sophia's sweet smile and her pose.

He's in the building!! 
Walking down the hallway and Pam, the school secretary cheering him on. She loves him and spoils him rotten!

So we have now down a week and a half of school. He is loving it and has stories every day. I love seeing him at the end of the day with a new story to tell. And if you know John, he always has stories!

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