Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girls' Weekend!

3 years ago, we began a tradition. It started when Abbey was moving to California and we thought it would be fun to do a girl's weekend before she left, plus she needed to find a wedding dress so we thought it was perfect! 
My mom, my mother in law, my 2 sister in laws - Wendi and Abbey do this tradition and we love it. 
Abbey even flew in for the weekend this year so she could be a part of it. We look forward to it every year and have a blast each time. We have always gone to Branson. We get pedicures, shop till we drop, eat a bunch of food and enjoy each other's company. One year, we bought a total of 27 pairs of shoes. Let me tell you, we are serious shoppers. 
But it isn't about all the shopping and getting our toes together - even though that is a really fun part- it is about the togetherness. I feel so blessed to be able go somewhere with my mom and my mother in law, plus 2 sister in laws. I know so many families where the two sides don't get along and everything has to be separated. But that is not the case with Matt and I. We have families that love each other. We get to do things together and I feel so blessed to have that in my life. I also feel blessed that I get to show that to my kids. I hope that one day, down the road, when they choose their spouses, they take a look at the families they are marrying into. It makes life so much easier when the two sides get along. 

The kiddos were so excited to see Aunt Abbey. 

The ladies at one of our meals. 

My sweet mama and I. 

The ladies at another meal. :) We don't miss a meal on this trip!

We have already started talking about next year and getting excited already! 

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