Sunday, July 13, 2014

Branson Vacation Day 3, 4, and 5

Day 3 and 4
You will notice that as the vacation went on, the pictures get less. So I apologize for that, especially to family, because you got the short end of the deal. 

Day 3 was our last day in Branson. We played at the water park in the morning, stopped for lunch and then headed to Houston to see the family. 

We had lunch at a Hibachi Steakhouse Grill. The kids loved watching the cook make the food right in front of us. John tried new stuff and Sophia ate her veggie straws and jelly sandwich. :) 

Trying out their chopsticks!

After lunch it was off to Houston! When we got there, John jumped on his bike and Sophia went straight to "her room" to play. They love Houston. 

Day 4

A day spent in Houston. The kids helped Pops pick up flowers at the cemetery while he mowed. They earned a little cash - actually a lot of cash. Pops pays well. We ate at our favorite restaurant in Houston, Spring Garden - the best Chinese ever! Spent the afternoon swimming in the river and finished the day with making S'Mores. 

Late night feedings were really the only quiet time Miss Nora and I had. Oh, I just love her to pieces!! 

Pops really wins the reward for the river. He played the whole time with the kids and let them ride on his back as they came up the current. 
Nana catching Sophia as she floated down the river. 
Matt says "So Long!" to John as he heads down the river. 

It was  great day. I have decided every vacation needs to end at a grandparents' house. I was able to do  laundry plus Matt and I got to relax a little before heading home. 

Day 5 
No pictures were taken - sorry Turnbough family. 
We headed home on Friday but made a quick stop in Columia to see the Jensens. (Matt's sister and brother in law and our 2 nephews). There was a bonus because Nana Barb and Papa Mark were there too! 

We ate at a yummy diner- Ernie's Diner- and hung out at Wendi's house while the kids played. It was a nice little visit and it was good to see the family.
We headed home afterwards and it was nice to sleep in our own beds. Now the unpacking begins :) 

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