Sunday, July 13, 2014

Branson Vacation Day 2

Here's Day 2...
Everyone slept great on Night 1 of vacation. I felt proud that, as parents, we did our job of wearing our kids out so that everyone would have a restful night. ACCOMPLISHED!!

We woke up and started our day at the water park. Actually we woke up and Jessica and I did a coffee run-then water park...
It was raining that morning, but no worries because we checked out the indoor part. 
So here you go...

She's ready....hat and all! 

We were lucky because it stopped raining as we walked over to the pool. Here is a sweet family shot. 

This was what Nora did pretty much the whole time at the water park. 

We accomplished our goal again - totally worn out so some rest time was needed before dinner. 

My hottie husband at dinner. 
We ate at one of my favorite places in Branson. So yummy. The cornbread is out of this world!

John drew a picture during dinner. A person with a beard. There is also a background with the sun and clouds. 

Let's feed the ducks! 

Cute boy

Sleeping again...

Yup...we putt putt golfed. This was an experience. John worked hard for a hole in one. Sophia, well, Sophia liked to "chop" at the ball. She would hit it a few times and then use her hands or feet to get the ball in. One time she was so excited that she picked up the ball, threw her hands in the air (which the ball went flying) and yelled out a big "Yeah". She also did this with a club. You have to watch out where you stand when Sophia plays. 

Matt is going to kill me for posting this picture, but I couldn't resist. 

Sleeping again...

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