Wednesday, June 25, 2014

John and Writing

I love my son. I really do. However, when it comes to teaching him something, it can be a little tricky. You see, when I first started this parenting adventure I thought "Heck I am a teacher, this will be easy to teach my kid stuff." Boy was I wrong. My kids do not care that I once taught a classroom of 20+ kids, especially John. 
You might say that John is a little like me. Actually, let's say he is A LOT like me. I had visions of teaching him to write and read at an early age. But that was not on his agenda, so therefore, it wasn't happening. That was a little, let's actually say, really hard for me. However, this past year, he has really had an interest in reading, writing and especially science and math. 
The other day he came in to the laundry room and said the following:

John: "Mom, I wrote a poem."
Me: "Wow, can you read it to me?"
John: "No John. Mom, yes."
Me: "That is great. I am so impressed with your writing and reading."
John: "Well, this is usually how our conversations go. You telling me no and me saying "Yes, Mom".

So there you have it! Me telling my son no (according to him ALL the time) has helped him become quite the poet. The funny thing about this was that it was a Sunday morning when we were chilling before church. He did it all on his own. It wasn't a lesson plan or any planned thing. It just happened and I love it when stuff like that happens. 

He also wrote another poem using the word "dad". He showed me this one and said "I messed up on my first D. It is actually a B." So I replied by saying, "That is okay. Do you want to fix it?" John simply replied, " know what it is suppose to be." 

I hope his Kindergarten teacher is ready for him!!! 

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