Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Cardinals

Nope..this is not a post about the St. Louis Cardinals. It is about a sweet t-ball team of 4-6 year olds that played every Tuesday and Thursday for a month.


It is about a sweet boy that loves baseball and really wants to hit the ball out of the park each time he gets up to bat. He takes it seriously and goes for the ball every time. He would be so kind to the other teammates. He would let them get the ball and tell them good job when they threw the ball. He would usually be ready and dressed before I had to tell him to get ready. He loved it. 
It is also about a girl, who cheered when I told her it was the last game. She told me she wanted to hit the ball to California. She would throw a fit every time we had to get dressed for t-ball and insisted that she had to wear a skirt. This girl, was caught singing "Best Friends Forever" while twirling on the infield during the last game. Her main purpose for going to t-ball was to see her friends Kendall and Cameron. The three of them would stand so close (even though the coach tried to separate them), however, a ball could still get through their legs. She really does have some skills. Her hitting came along this season and she can throw a ball. Yet, I don't think she will ever darken a t-ball field again. We shall see. 
It is about a dad who helped coach. Even though this was a crazy time in our lives with a new baby, a job that has been busy and finishing a basement, he did it. It is about a dad who became a hero in his son's eyes because he coached. 


Amy Sullivan said... sweet. I remember those days. Cherish every bit of them. Looks like you are! Miss you

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