Monday, March 11, 2013

Sophia is 3!!

Sophia is 3!! Can you believe it?? I can't. My sweet baby girl is 3 years old! She turned 3 last Friday and it is like she has all of a sudden grown up. She seems to have gotten taller and thinner...just over night! 
Well, we had a Tea Party for little Miss on Saturday. She had told me she wanted flowers and "GIRLS ONLY" at her party. So we invited 4 sweet girls over with their mommas and sent the boys off to play at the gym. 
We did open gifts from us and Nana LeAnn and Pops on Sophia's actual birthday. Here are a few pictures of this event...

The next day was tea party. It was a blast. The little girls were as good as gold...actually it was the quietest birthday party I had ever been a part of! We had decorated and were all set, just waiting for the guests to arrive.  
Sophia checking out the Tea Party table...

Sophia trying on her Tea Party hat.  

Here were some of the goodies...

Make up and Nail Table 

Dress up for everyone

This was my favorite idea...tea bag sugar cookies that the girls could dip into their strawberry milk. 

The guests arrived and it was make up time! 

Next we decorated cookies...

And then it was time for tea! 

We waited for the boys to get back before we blew out the candles. Sophia loved every minute of it! 

I have to thank my Mother and my Husband for all the help the gave to get this party ready. I think the party landed on the busiest week of my life, and we still pulled it off. I couldn't have done it without these two!

My sweet little miss has blossomed so much this year. A year ago, she would barely talk to people. I really think people didn't think she talked because she only talked at home. In the past year she has gotten potty trained and learned to become more independent. She has become this girly girl who LOVES jewelry, make up, dressing up, dolls and so on. She also doesn't sleep, loves to stay up late and sleep in during the morning hours. She loves sleeping on the couch and watching Princess Movies. She still has a love of books and has a pile with her at all times. 

Sophia - 
Happy birthday baby girl! We love you so much. We are excited to see what God has in store for you and your future. We are so blessed that God has given us this wonderful, precious gift. We love you from head to toe! 
-Love Mom and Dad

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Stephanie Dean said...

What an awesome birthday party! She is such a sweetie.