Monday, January 21, 2013


Well...almost. But for the most part the floor is complete! My husband is amazing and has been working on this since September project. We thank the family members and friends that have helped. Not only have we torn out a one and half walls plus built a counter top, we have put in hard wood flooring. I LOVE IT!!! It has totally changed the look of our house. 
This weekend, my sweet husband stayed home while the kiddos and I hopped in the car and went to my parents house. He finished up the hallway...the last room. There is the still the quarter round that needs to be put in as well as the doorways need fixed, but the big stuff is done. Plus we got to return 7 boxes of wood back to Lowes. We ended up using 30 boxes. See below...

A few things from the kiddos...
John's massive tower he built (with a little help) in the bathtub tonight. 

Sophia's mess. This girl can play for hours at a time but you guess there will be a mess following her! Don't you love that it is right in our entry way!! 
Oh by the way...the entry way will be the next project. New tile will be added. But we are going to take a rest for now. 

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