Monday, September 3, 2012

The Night Before Preschool

The clothes are laid out. 
The first homework assignment is completed. 
The backpack is packed and hung. 
The son is asleep.

It is the night before preschool. Last week at this time, I wasn't sure if John was going. He was refusing. However, today he has said he will go. I had bought him a new shirt to wear on the first day of do you think he will wear it. Nope...his words "Mom, I want to wear my Benny shirt." And that is okay. I am sure he will wear the new shirt another day. 
I know he is anxious because he asks lots of questions about it. I know he is nervous because he's really only known Jewell's house. Yet, I know he will be fine and more than likely love it. 
As I sit here on the night before preschool...I have butterflies in my stomach too. I know it is a smaller scale to sending your child to Kindergarten, or Middle School, or High School, or College. But as a parent, I still sit here and think..."Have I taught him well? Have I taught him to be kind and share? Have I taught him to accept others even when they are different?" I know he will learn the academic stuff just fine, but it is those social things that I hope I have instilled in him. 
I sure hope I can sleep tonight :) 

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