Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of School....

was a success!! 
John woke up ready to go. As we drove to school, he asked a lot of questions. Then as we were getting out, he simply replied, "Mom, I don't think I am ready for this."
Talk about breaking my heart! I will say, for a split second, I thought I will just take him to Jewell's house...he's not ready. But I put my mom pants on and said, "Yes, you can do this and you are ready."
He got out with a smile and was ready to go. 

we got to the classroom door. Then the clinging to the leg began and the hiding of the face started. 

He found his name and put it in the "safe pocket" to show he was ready to go in. I walked him in and there was more clinging and hiding. But then we got Ginger out and everything seemed okay. The teacher said he cried a few minutes after Matt and I left. But he got over it and off he went. 

When Matt came to pick him up, he was ready to go and full of things to say!
To end "the first day of preschool" day, we celebrated at Chick Fila. 
I am not going to lie...I am glad this day is done. 

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