Monday, September 10, 2012

Bed Time Conversations

Sophia's new sayings are:
"Sorry Charlie!"
"That's crazy!"
She is also very into dressing up and she thinks everyone else should be too. She loves brushing our hair and putting jewelry on all of us, including the boys. 

Here is the bedtime conversation I had with John tonight:
John: "Mom, I don't really want to die."
Me: "I know it sounds kind of scary but you get to live with Jesus."
John: "Well, I am still worried about Jesus not having movies."
Me: "Well, maybe you should ask him."
John: "Well, then I guess I will pray right now. Dear Jesus, do you have movies in Godland?"
There is a short silence.
John: "Mom, did you hear anything?"
Me: "No, but you might have to wait for an answer."
John: "Oh boy."

I am finding that explaining God and waiting for him to answer is kind of tough to explain to a 4 year old. 

Have a good night.

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