Monday, September 3, 2012

Big Red Barn

We headed off to Weston, MO to the Big Red Barn to pick apples with the Sharky's today. I will be honest, I love the Big Red Barn's atmosphere. I think it is beautiful. However, I have never been impressed with the apple selection. It seems that we always got slim pickings. Yet, this year was totally different...we ended up with a half a bushel! There were so many apples and they are delicious. We had a great time! 

Chad gave us some good laughs today! 

 Here is our bag of apples! Once we got home, John helped me in the kitchen. We made apple sauce and apple cake. Tomorrow, we will be making more apple sauce to freeze, apple bran muffins and ready made apples for apple pie. 
 John was a great helper. He even made sure the apples tasted yummy for our treats. 

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